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Wifi Internet in a Caravan


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For many getting away from the humdrum of normal life is a must and what better way than to hook up the Caravan to the car and head off on the highway, but that doesn't mean you have to be without access to the internet when on the road, which these days is essential for most people even when they are away on holiday. The modern caravanner may need to catch up on their favourite box sets, contact family and friends and for some make sure they can check and respond to those all-important work emails.

Many campsites do offer Wi-Fi, but as usual the cost, availability and signal will vary considerably, depending on where you are. In a recent press release, The Camping and Caravanning Club now offers Free Wi-Fi at about 85% of its sites in the UK and is continually working on improving the service e.g. where it already exists increase range and quality of the signal, but some sites for example Glencoe in Scotland doesn't offer free Wi-Fi at all.

Having free internet included that has a good signal makes it easier for the club members to shop online, check and interact with their social media accounts e.g. Facebook and Twitter and for some, most importantly, the weather on the BBC. Fast streaming and data downloads maybe limited in some areas, but carrying out the normal day-to-day internet surfing and email tasks will be no problem, just like travelling on the train where it can be really easy to catch up on those emails and carry out simple surfing tasks.

The problem can lie in that internet signals at campsites can be unreliable and the strength can vary depending on the amount of vegetation nearby and weather conditions e.g. it will be worse when it rains heavily and interferes with the signal. Therefore, it could be wise to purchase a Wi-Fi boosting device that can be simply plugged into the USB port of the PC. Another option could be to attach an external antenna to the caravan to receive a quicker internet connection, but that may not make much of an improvement if there are too many users on the internet for the connection to cope with effectively.

caravan at night with stars in the sky

When heading off on an exciting adventure in your caravan it's good to know that for most of the destinations in the UK you will find a usable internet access, but there also some great apps out there for your phone that may make your journey that bit easier. For more on some of the best apps available to make your holiday easier and more enjoyable please click here.