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Need For A Caravan Movers

Why do I need a caravan mover?

A motor mover makes light work of manoeuvring.

You got up early, made good time, missed the traffic (hopefully), found the site and now you’re looking forward to getting your holiday underway with a relaxing cup of tea… or something stronger.

But first there’s the small matter of positioning the caravan, and doing battle with that creeping feeling that other caravanners on the site are watching you and judging you for your caravan manoeuvring skills. (Of course they are not, most caravanners are lovely, pleasant friendly people who wouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand, but try telling that to your subconscious.)

With a caravan motor mover there is no need to get hot under the collar. They remove the hassle from caravan manoeuvring and make any associated strained backs, pinched fingers or anxious moments a thing of the past.

Trust us, nothing beats the feeling of simply unhitching the caravan and elegantly guiding it into its bay with a remote control. A motor mover makes light work of manoeuvring your caravan for hitching, positioning on site and moving into storage. You will almost certainly get some admiring glances while you do it too!

It’s a security asset too

Caravan motor movers have an added security benefit, as the roller system will lock against the tyres of the caravan when it is stationary, making it much harder to steal.

How do they work?

Axle mounted caravan movers are the most popular, and generally considered to be the most effective. They consist of a frame bolted to the caravan chassis with an electric motor (which runs off the caravan battery) and roller assembly at each end. When engaged, the rollers drive the individual caravan tyres, enabling you to manoeuver the caravan via a remote control unit.

Alternatively there are others that you hitch to the front of the caravan, which either act as a "tug" or drive the smaller front wheel. These are becoming less popular as they tend to struggle in wet conditions, and they take up valuable storage space when not in use.

Client`s Testimonial

"I am writing this email to thank you very much for your kind help with the "missing unit". Your service has been first class, and the motor move does what it say on the tin. It moves our caravan very easily. What more can I say?"
Mr Couper, Stockport - 12 Oct 2015

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