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Clamplify; AirBnB For Caravans


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Camplify is the caravanning equivalent of home rental site AirBnB. It began in Australia in 2015, in an attempt to solve the problem of the rarely used motorhome.

Camplify estimates that most caravans in the UK are standing empty for 330 days a year. At around £18,500 to buy, £800 annually to maintain and £350 annually to insure; this ‘budget-friendly’ holiday home is starting to sound expensive – especially if we only use it for 5 weeks of the year.

Camplify connects people who want to rent a motorhome with those who want to rent theirs out and is the fastest growing caravan hire and RV community site.


  • 1. A decent return on your investment: Owners, all you were expecting to get out of your motorhome purchase were some wonderful holidays to remember, right? But what if you could get even more? It is estimated that owners of a regular caravan may be able to earn between £6,300 and £27,300 per year by renting out their motorhome through Camplify.

    2. It won’t cost you to rent your motorhome through Camplify: It’s free to list, so there is nothing to lose by listing it. Insurance is included, and the hirers are carefully screened. You can choose when your motorhome is available, who you hire to and how much for.

    3. Make your motorhome pay for itself: Have you been put off purchasing a caravan because you aren’t sure you’d use it enough to get your money’s worth? With Camplify you can go ahead and purchase – then when you aren’t using it, your vehicle can be earning money to pay for itself. Or own a motorhome and thinking of selling it because you don’t use it enough? Again, you can afford that caravan if it brings in some money.

    4. A chance to try before you buy: Love the idea of a caravanning holiday, but need further reassurance that this way of holidaying is for you? Camplify will put you touch with owners with caravans to rent – so you can make an informed decision. Try different vehicles and pick your favourite! Then consider buying.

    5. Camplify will do all the hard work: Looking to rent? With an easy booking system and UK-wide listings, you are free to search for and select your perfect vehicle. Talk directly with the owner to organise the hire. Rent a caravan, campervan, motorhome or trailer tent from £15 per night.

In Australia it took less than 2 years for Camplify to grow to over 20,000 members and the same could happen here in the UK. Figures suggest that there are around 550,000 touring caravans, 330,000 static caravans and 225,000 motorhomes in the UK – so there is a lot of potential.

Camplify seems to be offering a deal to suit everyone. Those who have purchased a caravan, love the caravanning holidays, but feel guilty for having spent thousands (without appearing to get their money’s worth) can be put in touch with those who desire to experience caravanning but cannot afford to purchase.

Camplify gives them both what they want.

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