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"Damaged my Rhyno mover, talked out of buying a new one as they assured me it could be repaired, they arranged for it to be collected, repaired it, travelled all the way from Coventry to the Gower and fitted it,. All this would obviously cost me, I'm expecting a good couple of hundred but still cheaper than a complete my new replacement.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I was asked for £175:00.
If you are looking for a really reliable mover and really great after sales customer care look no further than Rhyno."

David Court (5* Google Review)

"Would highly recommend a Rhyno caravan mover, excellent product and after care from Neil and the team."
Brian Roles (5* Google Review) - August 2019

"Had my motor mover fitted today, very efficient fitting service, friendly, helpfull advice, and it works great, no more awkward reversing."
Mick Howe (5* Google Review) - July 2019

"Job done in time specified,demonstrated,friendly staff and all British made,excellent service."
Steve Prince (5* Google Review) - November 2018

"I had a Rhyno Charger model fitted to my Bailey Pagent Bordeaux caravan back in 2009. This was by the original Company in Nuneaton.

Back in 2015 I had a problem with a drive roller and when I tried to contact them I found they’d gone out of business. Through more searching I found Neil had taken over the business in Coventry. He had manufactured the bulk of the mover from his factory and now was taking over the supporting and supplying new Rhyno movers. I took my caravan to his factory unit in Coventry where Neil replaced the roller and had me back on the road within an hour. This he did with out any payment which I wasn’t expecting.

Now in September 2018 I rang Neil with another problem with one of the drive motors and we agreed a date and time for me to take it to his factory unit. He identified the problem and again within an hour he changed the offending motor from his stock and with some good advice and showing me the latest Rhyno units. The next time I have a problem I will definitely be buying a new Rhyno Mover from Neil after his marvellous support and friendly manner.

Many thanks Neil for keeping me Moving "

Philip Sanders (5* Google Review) - September 2018

"We have had our Rhyno mover for over 2 years. It has performed amazingly. We have recently moved it onto our new caravan, the after sales services was and is excellent. Highly recommend."
Andy Walters (5* Google Review) - August 2018

"Double Excellent Service, Fantastic Company, Fantastic Mover, Fantastic Fitter!!!!!!!!!!"
Steveee22 - 26 Feb 2018

"Great seller, excellent quality, recommended"
o_e_s - 26 Feb 2018

"I had just brought my caravan back from a warranty repair in Accrington (I live in Blackpool and it was -4degC. Reversed the 'van into the front driveway and prepared to move the 'van into the back with the Rhyno mover which we had fitted when the 'van was new. I pressed the 'reverse' button and the ' van tried to pirouette. This was not good - it was 5pm, freezing cold and starting to go dark. I rang the warranty repair place who confirmed that although the mover itself was not dismantled, it had been disconnected from the electrics. In desperation I rang Rhyno, not expecting anyone to still be there (it was 5-15pm by then). Neil answered and in a calm very helpful manner talked me through a diagnosis. We soon discovered that the cables to the circuit board had been put back incorrectly, reversing the polarity to one of the wheels. With a screw driver, a 10mm socket and Neil's step by step instructions I soon had it working. The 'van was in the back within minutes. Not content with helping me, Neil rang back at 7pm to check that I’d managed OK. Fantastic customer service. I cannot express my gratitude enough."
Peter Seddon - 3 Jan 2018

"Just like to say a massive Thank You to Neil for a first class job of installing motor movers to our Pennine Fiesta folding camper. Neil really knows his way around the folding campers, although installation requires more work than fitting to a caravan, his knowledge and experience shows when you see the excellent quality of his workmanship. Will be recommending to everyone and anyone when we get the chance. Thanks again. Anyone wishing to go for spot of food whilst your installation is being carried out the Smokehouse about 5 mins away do a lovely bit of grub"
Lee Ford - 6 Dec 2017

"Dear Neil,
I felt I should email you re the excellent after sales support/service that you have provided and have written a few word below that I trust you can add to your customer feedback link/section.

We have had the Rhyno Mover fitted to our Adria caravan since 2009 that has given us sterling service both in its performance and reliability, plus of course the admiring looks when at site positioning the caravan rather than the occasional frown and shaking heads from those more adept at reversing into all too often tight pitches that can bring on a feeling of dread to be the confident like myself.

Not only did they service my unit, but did so in a professional manner at highly competitive rates from staff that know there product which is so refreshing and confidence inspiring.
I highly recommend rhynomovers to anyone looking to have a caravan mover fitted excellent product and after sales support.

Well done!"

Glen Harvey - 21 Oct 2017

"Good morning Neil,

Just a short line to thank you for coming down to sort out my little problem with the mover yesterday. Its good to have faith in having a service back up available if required.

Many thanks again. "

Anthony Pratt - 13 Oct 2017

"I would like to thank you for the help you gave me. The dealer should have made me aware or the procedure when I bought the caravan it would have saved a bit of frustration (and muscle power pushing the caravan). The mover is working fine and very pleased, and would certainly recommend Rhyno Movers for the product and excellent after sales service, so once again thank you for the help you gave me."
Stan Hubbard - 29 Sept 2017

"I received the leads this morning, and would like to express my gratitude to you and your company. Your customer service is next to none and surpasses all expectation. I will definitely continue to recommend you to fellow caravan/folding camper owners. Many, many thanks."
Brett Handsford - 29 Sept 2017

"I have been towing for over 20 years, the last 14 a twin axel Abbey Spectrum that is now 20 years old. I always believed that if you could not reverse a van into position you should not be towing it! An ageing back that is now enforcing limitations on my ability to manoeuvre by manhandling on my inclined drive has forced me to reconsider. I accepted I needed a mover; there was nothing else for it. Over a period of 16 months I researched lots of movers until discovering the Rhyno. I remember contacting Neil at Rhyno who spent about 45 minutes giving me straight, honest & impartial advice with no hard sell, in fact value for money for my need was his prime concern. He enlightened me to the limitations & considerations moving a twin requires. After a period of thought & more back pain I contacted Neil to proceed. A date was arranged for the installation @ Rhyno. We arrived prompt at the agreed time to be met by Neil, we had travelled 75 miles after a 05:30 hrs start. Neil kindly made us a couple of cups of tea to which we were most grateful. He kindly showed us the factory, machinery & components; where else would you get that? I left the van for an agreed time for each wheel to have its mover fitted by Neil himself. We returned on time with the job completed. Neil made sure all worked & I was competent to use operate the mover. We returned home & positioned the van with ease. At approximately 19:30 hrs I received a call from Neil to make sure we had got home safely & we had got on with the mover! How many would take the trouble? I have now moved the van several times on an incline on my concrete drive where the space is tight; in addition I have put the mover through its paces on site on wet grass. It has not failed & is more than up to any task I ask of it, to be honest what used to be a nightmare is no more. I cannot speak highly enough of the mover & the service I have received from Rhyno in my dealing with them. I must also express my sincere thanks to Neil for all his help & efforts that go well beyond the call of duty. Many thanks. "
Andy Rogers - 27 Aug 2017

"Thank you for fitting the Rhyno today, I was very impressed with your work ethic and attention to detail in the demonstration. "
Michael Hooker - 23 Aug 2017

"Hi Neil, no don't worry-this is just to say thank you for your visit yesterday, it was much appreciated and we can now go on holiday without having to worry about the mover. Thanks."
Roger and Doreen - 18 Aug 2017

"Excellent product fitted at home by a profe§ional who new his product and his job."
David Pattison - 1 August 2017

"Best mover and service by Rhyno, wouldn't buy any other make.
Excellent product!"

Trevor Mearns - 22 July 2017

"I would just like to say a big thanks to the gentleman who rang me this morning with suggestions how to overcome the problem I had with my mover. I removed the rollers, cleaned, greased and replaced them. I gave the van a test run up and down the drive, and found everything back to good working order. Once again, many thanks."
Albert Chapman - 14 July 2017

"Thank you for your superb customer service and advice."
Gill Flynn - 23 May 2017

"Thank you so much for that, also being willing to except calls out of hours. We hopefully have resolved the problem now, if not I will get Ian to give you a call. If you put an invoice in with the shear bolts we will pay it as soon as they arrive. Thank you once again for your great customer service."
Gill Flynn - 19 May 2017

"Great caravan mover with great aftersales support. I highly recommend Rhyno Caravan Movers to anyone looking for a reliable caravan mover."
Jonathan Nightingale - 3 May 2017

"Thank you again for providing an outstanding service, my mover which was out of warranty and originally fitted by Rhyno Uk. It will be a pleasure to seek a new replacement from you when the need arises."
- Mick Turner 13 Mar 2017

"Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and quality of the single axle mover, fitted on Fri 24th Feb 2017. Would definitely recommend Rhyno Movers."
Bruce Richardson - 27 Feb 2017

"My wife and I bought a new Pennine Countryman, after checking with Pennine about movers we decided to have a Rhyno mover fitter. We are glad that was the right decision; the fitting was done really professionally at the factory within the time quoted. Thanks to Rhyno we can now move our camper without a struggle."
Jim Foster - 4 Jan 2017

"Just to let you know that we have returned from a trip to the frozen north, Bury and Manchester - and the mover worked perfectly. (Especially when I switched it on in the battery box which I forgot to do when we arrived at the site - spent 5 minutes wondering why nothing happened).

I was pleased to make contact with you and grateful for the help you gave us. I will pass the word along."

David Wise - 25 Nov 2016

"Shan't be buying from you in the near future as the one I bought from you some five years ago is still working fine. sorry!"
Pete Stokes - 4 Oct 2016

"Just need to express what a great service we received. Took the caravan down last month and had the mover fitted. Worked excellently but my impatient heavy handedness lead to me breaking a part (despite really helpful instruction). Went back the next day and we were delighted that Neil repaired the damage and the mover is brilliant. Although the damage was my fault, the repair was done free of charge. We would highly recommend Rhyno, great product and great customer service."
Brain and Chris - 5 Oct 2016

"Great motor mover and even better customer service. I've had a couple of very minor issues over the two years since it was fitted but both times they have been resolved immediately. I phoned today with a query and they arrived on my doorstep 3 hours later and resolved my issue - superb! Thank you so much will recommend to everyone..."
Samantha Paul - 28 September 2016

"We drove our folding camper down to Rhyno last week to have a mover fitted. We were greeted by Neil who assured us the job would be done within the next 4 hours or so and he would contact us when job complete. Off we went. And as promised within 4 hours we received a call to say job complete. The service was excellent and done in a clean and friendly environment. We were given a full demonstration as to how it worked and once we were confident we settled the bill and away we went. The mover is excellent and does exactly as we hoped making life on campsites much easier.
Thank you so much Neil and Rhyno. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services."

M and J West - 14 September 2016

"We thought you might like to know, at the end of the summer holiday, the mover worked brilliantly. On one campsite we even had a round of applause from the assembled group who watched us move the camper from a sandy pitch and put it on the car. Now we have just to put it away in the garage, which is the greatest demand because it is up a slope. We were a little apprehensive because of the slope, but everything worked perfectly and we were able to complete the job without any other help which we feel is quite an achievement. If you have enquiries from potential customers who have any doubts give them this e-mail address."
Best wishes, Martyn & Janet Harris - 26 August 2016

"Had my mover fitted today and I’m delighted with the unit, the chap that fitted it and his instruction on it’s use. It has done exactly what I hoped. Will call tomorrow to pay the account. "
Many Thanks Brian Beecroft - 3 August 2016

"Thank you for sending me the 26mm bearing which fitted perfectly and all is well with the mover. The advice you gave me on the phone was 100% accurate and in fact the fuse from the battery had blown.
Would you like to send me back the bearing you sent? Many thanks for your excellent service."

P Hayward - 30 July 2016

"Thought I’d let you know that I fitted the mover to our van the other day, no problems with the installation & seems to work great. Thank you for your assistance & excellent service."
Regards, Karl - 20 July 2016

"Hi and Wow, I sent an e-mail last Sunday detailing the parts that I require to repair my n/s mover and lo and behold they arrived Wednesday by carrier. Busy until now so went to storage to fit them and now I have two fully operational movers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Only one problem – no invoice came, so if you let me know how much I owe you I will send a cheque.
Once more THANK YOU.
Your very grateful customer"

Roger Ottway - 5 July 2016

"Clamps received today, many thanks for all your help. I have posted my experience with movers on the Hobby owners’ website; you never know it may lead to some orders. Once again, thanks for all your help from one very happy motor mover owner."
Steve - 4 July 2016

"Hi Neil, just a quick note to say received controller and it’s working just fine. Thanks again for your help and superb service."
Bill Adams - July 2016

"Thanks again for all your help and support. I will continue to recommend rhyno mover and the backup it comes with."
Chris - 1 Jun 2016

"Just a note to say thank! Towards the end of last year your engineer came and serviced my mover. I had no opportunity to test it last year but on using it this year it has performed faultlessly so thank you for both your level of customer service and a very satisfied customer."
Peter Lacy - 1 Jun 2016

"Just to say thank you for your help. It is a pleasure to know you and to deal with you. Once again thank you. "
Regards Dave Perry - June 2016

"Just a note to say thank you! Towards the end of last year your engineer came and serviced my mover after I had problems with it over a period of time. He spent a considerable amount of time and effort testing and eventually replacing the mover electronics. I had no opportunity to test it last year but on using it this year it has performed faultlessly so thank you for both your level of customer service and a very satisfied customer."
Peter Lacy - June 2016

"My mover was some 4 ½ years old when a malfunction occurred but here I must add that under the 5 year warrantee Rhyno came out and rectified the problem with no quibble. Most impressive service. One other point well worth mentioning. Recently following an annual caravan service I noticed several other caravans with different movers many of which seemed to clear the ground by only a few inches whereas the Rhyno sits above the axle. I would recommend this mover."
Rick Phillips - June 2016

"Just wanted to thank you for excellent customer service. We recently bought a 2 year old Coachman caravan with a Rhyno mover that had been fitted from an older caravan. The mover works fine but the emergency wander lead was missing so I contacted you to purchase a new one and was amazed that within a couple of days a replacement lead was posted out to me totally free of charge. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to others. Thank you."
Paul Cassell - May 2016

"I would like to thank Neil for the profesional service I received. 5* company recomended to all."
Tony Morris, Great Yarmouth - 1 Jun 2016

"I would like to give your company a great big thank you for the service I have had from your expert Neil, he fitted my mover today and he was fantastic the job is perfect and he went above and beyond to complete my mover fitting. I had this mover on my old caravan and it did a great job so I wanted it on my new one, I was told by the company that sold me my new caravan that your mover was not compatible with my van, but after a call to Neil he told me it was and that he could fit it which he has I can't praise him enough. THANK YOU TO NEIL.
I have already recommended your mover to others and I we now do it more. If you would like to contact me and tell me how I can place a review on your site please do."

Many thanks Mr G Chell a very happy customer - 03 Apr 2016

"Hi Neil,

Thanks for your professional installation and demonstration of the motor mover, you showed how professional your business is and would certainly recommend to anybody.

Many thanks."

Simon - 2 Feb 2016

"I am writing this email to thank you very much for your kind help with the "missing unit". Your service has been first class, and the motor move does what it say on the tin. It moves our caravan very easily. What more can I say?"
Mr Couper, Stockport - 12 Oct 2015

"At last we are home and wish to send you a very grateful thank you for getting us out of a difficult situation. Your selfless act is so appreciated and I am writing to tell the Caravan Club about your wonderful service. I do hope that you will receive some free advertising if they publish my letter. We cannot believe that you drove nearly 50 miles out of your way, on a Friday evening in rush hour traffic and did not even make a call out charge! We expected to pay a call-out fee at least.
Thank you once again and we wish all at Rhyno every success for the future.
Very best wishes"

Mr and Mrs Womack - 22 Sep 2015

"Thank you for your swift reply. Now this is what I call fantastic customer service, thank you."
Gill, Rotherham - 9 Sep 2015

"Thank you for sending the parts that I needed to get me on the road again, I will be recommending your company and your motor movers to my friends and fellow caravanners!"
Shaun - 31 Jul 2015

"Fantastic company to deal with and the gentleman that fitted the mover was great. showed how everything worked"
F Mumford - 18 Jul 2015

"I have received a replacement remote lead from you in the post today. Can I just thank you for the excellent service made even better because the lead was free."
Mr Myers - 15 Jul 2015

"Thank you for taking the trouble to check the movers en route from Willenhall to Coventry. The check proved the movers work as intended and I am pleased to have purchased the latest handset. There`s no stopping me now. Very many thanks for your first class service."
Mr Riches - 10 Jul 2015

"I had my mover professionally fitted in 2010 and it has served me well ! unfortunately just as I was about to tour abroad the power sender failed, I talked through the problem with Rhyno and tried several recommendations' but it became obvious a replacement was needed. Rhyno bent over backwards to ensure I had the replacement in time for my trip ! even to dispatching by special courier , I would like to thank all the staff involved in the speedy repair! it was very much appreciated and I believe in credit where credit is due. Not everything is about price !good service and back up is needed ( Rhyno provided both )"
W.J. Forsyth - 26 Jun 2015

"Just to say thanks once again for your brilliant service last week.
Also wanted to add another benefit of having a mover - driving up or onto levelling chocks - very important to pitch folding campers level. Much easier than using the tow car!"

Mr Farby - 22 Jun 2015

"Received the parcel with many thanks. Cannot say enough about your service, well done and we will certainly pass onto friends about Rhyno Movers as they are mostly caravanners."
Mr Taylor - 08 Jun 2015

"I phoned today 8th, regarding a problem with the circuit board and following your advice it is now working perfectly. Many thanks for your 100% service."
Mr Henchy - 08 Jun 2015

"This morning I spoke to a very helpful gentleman on the phone regarding a bolt that had broken on my 4 year old single axle mover. Unfortunately I didn`t get his name but he knew exactly what I was talking about and said he would put one in the post to me.

Once again I`d like to thank the guy on the phone this morning for being so helpful."

J Dry - 30 May 2015

"I have an apology to make! I contacted you recently regarding the 200mA drain that appeared to be caused by the motor mover, and you kindly sent me a replacement switch.

When I re-checked before I had the caravan serviced, there was then only 10mA drain - what from, I do not know but definitely not the mover. A drop test during service showed a fault battery cell, so perhaps that was the problem all along.

Please accept my apologies for the trouble I caused. Enclosed is the (unused) switch that you sent me, plus £5 to cover your postage and something towards your trouble.

Your response to my problem warrants recommendation"

Mr Tansley - 18 May 2015

"IM SO PLEASED!!!!!! IS IT A WONDER YOUR FIRM IS SO BUSY !!!! Highly recommend you, and your product!!!!!!Your one good man and have an excellent P.R.!!FOR YOUR COMPANY !! PITY YOUR NOT STANDING FOR ELECTION!! That`s what that lot needs just a guy who IS HONEST AND sells and fits something that has our flag on and is still old school but with today`s technology !! And ALWAYS there FOR THE LIKES OF ME !! TO HELP !! ONE GOOD GUY !!!!!
Thanks and best of luck to you your BUSINESS and your family."

Mr Maddock - 16 May 2015

"Thank you so much for sending replacement parts, received this morning. I really appreciate all the assistance you have given over the phone and thank you for sending the parts free of charge. Good service and good for your business. I shall not hesitate to recommend Rhyno Movers to caravanners I meet. Best wishes and thanks again."
Mr Womack - 6 May 2015

"Just like to thank you so much for coming out and repairing my mover."
J Moorefield - 30 Apr 2015

"Just to say thank you for forwarding the replacement shear bolts for my old rhyno mover.
They arrived this morning and all fitted, great service!! Thanks again"

Mr Luckett - 28 Apr 2015

"Replacement controller received this morning via apc. All now works ok.

Thanks for your help and prompt dispatch."

Mr Jones - 22 Apr 2015

"You have been and gone........ and we are delighted with the mover and your professional work. We will not hesitate in recommending you to others. Once again Neil thank you."
Mr and Mrs Perry - 8 Apr 2015

"Fantastic people, ordered Monday,fitted Friday due to use going away, lovely gentleman fitted the mover with no problems and excellent communication on how to use it, would recommend this company to anyone. Thankyou"
A Walker - 29 Mar 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you for the grand job on the Pennine Fiesta. You seem to be the only company that is prepared to fit movers to a folding at a very keen fixed price. I was also impressed by the fact that you were able to do the job in quite a tight space, despite the best efforts of the March weather to soak everything. Suddenly getting the tent onto the tow hitch is no longer a worry and s struggle for us."
Mr and Mrs Cole - 25 Mar 2015

"First class fab service"
D Black - 18 Nov 2014

"Just to say thank you very much for your engager bolts that you sent through the post for us.
Our mover is now back to it`s usual excellent working order(had this since 2009). Nice to know that there are some good companies left.
Thanks again."

Mr and Mrs Thoroughgood - 27 Jan 2014

"Thank You for all your assistance. "
Mr and Mrs Turner

"The product is so easy to use, and they couldn't have been more helpful!"
Mrs Jones, Herefordshire

"A bit thank you to the team at Rhyno, highly recommended!"
Dr Richardson, Warks

"I was not expecting the product to be this good! It's one of the cheapest on the market!"
Mr Smith, Nottinghamshire

Some short but sweet words from our customers

Excellent friendly service works a treat highly recommended, thank you.

Fitting went without a "hitch " good people to deal with.

Received, unchecked as yet, Good communication, Many Thanks.

Superb service & excellent value for money. Highly recommended. A++++++

Great thanks lovely ebayer with great Comms! Superb motor mover!!!!!!!!

All I can say is superb very professional.

Perfect item, great service thanks.

Really nice mover, pleasant fitter, excellent value. Impressed.

Good replacement for the original.

Great ebayer, good communication, highly recommended.

Been fitted, great service thanks.

Fab comms mover great to date A+++++++++.

Good service, would use again.

Excellent communication, item as described, credit to online selling 5*

Reviews on Google

"I bought my mover from Rhyno as they were the only company who would help me with a 2,55mtr wide caravan, I dealt with Neil who at all times was most helpful with advice and tips, they provided all equipment for the extra width at no extra charge. The unit was delivered to an address in the UK and I conveyed it to France where it was fitted to my van, the system works truly well.
A highly recommended product."

Steve Holdsworth

"The after sales service from Rhyno was second to none.Nothing was too much trouble for the engineer who was friendly and very professional. The minor problem was sorted out and the product continues to operate faultlessly.
A great piece of British made kit."

Rendezvous Caravan Club

"Just had Rhyno movers fitted to my conway countryman,just to say what a brilliant job, true professionals at their jobs many thanks."
Helen Crozier

"First class service, friendly and very helpful people."
Trevor Lodge

Noel Ashfield

Caravan Talk Website Chat

"I had a Rhyno Motor Mover fitted at their Coventry factory on Friday. I was most impressed with their set up, the factory is small but the standard of machinery is excellent. The latest CNC machine must have cost the best part of £200,000 with the tooling. From what I was told they have a constant development program in place, I was shown the latest rollers which will soon be fitted to the latest Rhyno Movers and other improvements which are still in the development stage."

"Mine has been on now for 5 years and has not missed a beat. It does the job well, is well fitted high up and out of the way and has been reliable. What more could you want. "