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Warranty, support and aftercare

We designed the system, we manufacture it and we (usually) install it too, so we have no concerns over offering a no-quibble 5-year guarantee, giving you, the customer, unrivalled peace of mind and a superb product.

The warranty covers poor workmanship and defective materials and is based on good care, correct usage and (in the case of self-installation) correct installation. Full details can be found on our Operating Instructions and User Guide (click to view as a PDF).


The warranty does not provide cover for loss, immersion in fluids or liquids of any type, water or flood damage, road accident damage, poor installation (unless installed by Rhyno Caravan Movers), corrosion caused by road salts or chemicals or fair wear and tear. The warranty is deemed void if the electronic components or motors are interfered with or the mover is modified in any way.

The roller system is not covered by the warranty as these are considered to be wearing parts to be replaced as necessary. These are available from our online shop. Batteries are not supplied with the mover, these are your responsibility at all times.

What to do in the (unlikely) event of an issue

In the unlikely event of an issue with your Rhyno mover, please first refer to our caravan mover troubleshooting guide. If you're still having problems then contact us on 02476 387080 or email and have ready your invoice and details of the issue.

In all cases, we are committed to handling any warranty claim in an efficient and friendly manner. We assure you of our best attention and assistance at all times. We will respond in a prompt, reasonable and fair application of the contents of this warranty. We reserve the right to send an engineer to investigate and report as to the fault, and will process the issue as quickly as possible.

In the event of a faulty component, a replacement will be sent to the engineer who will arrange with the owner a date for the parts to be fitted in situ. If the mover was from a self-fit package the parts will be sent direct to the owner for fitting (full instructions will be provided). Alternatively you may bring your mover to our works for the work to be carried out.

Aftercare and cleaning.

Ensure your unit is kept clean and free of road salts. A good quality detergent will remove road salts and keep your Rhyno mover in good condition. Do not use a pressure washer or solvents as these can cause damage.

Do not store metal awning poles or large metal objects in the storage space as this can interfere with the remote control signal (an emergency lead is provided).

General-purpose grease should be applied once a year to all sliding parts and linkages for lubrication. Do not use oils or spray lubricants.

Ensure all cables are kept secured, neat and tidy. Do not allow cables to be damaged by placing heavy objects on them.

Detailed information on our warranty can be found on our downloadable caravan mover user guide, which also includes troubleshooting, battery charging advice and more.

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