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Solving Problems

Problems and troubleshooting

Rhyno Caravan Movers Problems and Troubleshooting

With Rhyno Caravan Movers you have the peace of mind that comes from dealing direct with the manufacturer of the ONLY 100% British-made caravan mover on the market today.

We take pride in the quality of the product that we produce and will do everything we can to ensure your total satisfaction. More often than not if someone is having problems with the operation of their caravan mover, it is rarely a fault with the mover itself. So, we hope this troubleshooting guide proves useful and saves valuable time. You can also download and print our handy caravan mover user guide, which also includes troubleshooting, battery charging advice and warranty details

If the mover fails to operate:

  • Is the battery fully charged and in good condition?

    Are the battery connections secure?

    Are all cable connections secure?

    Is the isolator switch turned on?

    To check, make sure you take the key all the way out for 5 seconds to ensure the system is properly disengaged, then try it again

No LED illumination on remote control handset

  • Do the batteries need replacing?

No power or LED illumination on the Control Unit

  • Is the battery fully charged and in good condition?

    Are all cable connections secure?

    Are the battery cables connected correctly? (reverse polarity can overload and damage the control unit)

Rollers are slipping on caravan’s tyres

  • Rotate the engagement spindle to move the roller further onto the tyre

    Check that the disengaged position provides a distance of 20 - 24mm between the front edge of the roller and the surface of the tyre

    Are your caravan’s tyres inflated to the correct pressure?

Movement of the caravan does not correspond to the directional buttons being pressed on the handset

  • Are you holding the handset upside down?

If you’re still having problems call us on 02476 387080 with your invoice to hand and we will endeavour to help!