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Caravaning Abroad

Top tips for caravanning abroad

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One of the great things about caravanning is the freedom to travel wherever your desire takes you. For a growing number of people that means across the English Channel and into mainland Europe. But if you have never taken your caravan abroad, here’s a quick check list of the things you should bear in mind.

  • Get your car and caravan fully-serviced before you head off – breaking down while abroad can be expensive and could spoil your trip.

    Make sure your insurance covers you for touring abroad - also ensure you are au fait with the local laws and legal requirements of the countries you plan on visiting because if you break any of these you may invalidate your insurance.

    Pack spares of the essentials – such as keys, batteries and cables because you don’t want to get caught in the middle of nowhere without vital equipment.

    Make sure you factor in the cost of road travel when deciding which ferry to take - while some of the longer ferry journeys around to Germany or south to Spain may be far more expensive than a hop across to Calais from Dover, the price difference may not be that much once you take into account the cost of fuel and toll roads, plus the extra time required to reach your desired destination.

    Do the right thing - remember that on the continent they drive on the right hand-side of the road and that speed sign are in kilometres per hour not miles per hour.

    Check your speed – different countries have different speed limits, so check those out before you put your foot down. The speed you can legally travel will also depend on the weight you are pulling. For example in Belgium the speed limit on a motorway is 74mph/120kph.

    Get kitted out - the equipment you are legally required to travel with will differ from country to country. Depending on where you are, drivers may have to carry warning triangles, beam deflectors, first aid kits, reflective jackets breathalyser tests nationality stickers, spare bulbs and side-mirror extensions.

    No six-metre rule – experienced caravanners in the UK will know that caravan owners are required to pitch at least six metres away from their neighbours on sites for social and safety reasons. In many European countries this rule of thumb does not apply.

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Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and is simply tips on getting the most from your holiday abroad. You must consult the relevant authorities for definitive information.