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Top 5 Gadgets For Caravanners

Freedom improved and maintained with the addition of certain gadgets

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As every caravanner knows, the joy of the caravan is that it is just you, your motorhome and the open road. But this freedom can only be improved and maintained with the addition of certain gadgets. Here are our top 5….

  • 1. Snooper Ventura SC5800DVR: This is THE gadget for caravanners! Since 2009 the Ventura has been drastically improving the lives of caravan owners and this model is the best by far. The Snooper is a sat-nav specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes, containing information on 24,000 campsites and other areas of interest - in 31 countries across Europe. After uploading the dimensions/general information of your caravan; the Snooper will navigate you to your destination, avoiding low bridges and unsuitable/narrow roads. It will even help you bypass ‘Low Emission Zones’ if your vehicle is in breach of the pollution levels allowed in that area, meaning that you will avoid fines. It includes a built-in HD dash cam with a 130 degree angle view.

    2. Remote Caravan Mover: Taking the pressure off parking – the ‘remote caravan mover’ allows you to perfect the parking of your motorhome without worrying about technique. You no longer need to wear yourself out attempting to manoeuvre such a large vehicle into the exact position; simply leave it parked in a rough position and the remote will give you control of rollers fixed to the wheels – allowing you to steer the caravan backwards, forwards, clockwise and anticlockwise with ease in order to refine. (A good example of this gadget is available from us at Rhynomovers)

    3. The Moisture Muncher: This gadget does exactly what the name suggests and absorbs moisture to help protect your caravan from damp and the consequent mould and mildew. This is a problem for many caravan owners, particularly if the caravan is not in use for several months of the year. The Moisture Muncher is a bag of absorbent beads, they will change colour to remind you to recharge them – to do this simply put in the microwave for 5 minutes.

    4. Scrubba Wash Bag: There are no excuses anymore for wearing the same clothes for several days while camping… This incredible gadget means that keeping your clothes clean while camping (with no access to a machine) has never been easier. Simply put your clothes in the bag, add water and cleaning liquid – remove excess air, rub the clothes inside the bag to encourage cleaning and rinse (either inside the bag with fresh water or outside the bag). To press your clothes, use a Scrubba Towel.

    5. GoBQ Grill: Finally, a light and compact BBQ that packs up like a holdall, meaning that you can take it ANYWHERE. It weighs just 9lbs. It is ready to go straight out of the box and has a 14”x 14” grill, meaning that you can cook a decent amount of food on it. The heat-resistant material cools down 7 times faster than metal. It folds down to 17% of its volume to fit in easily in an overhead compartment or drawer. And it is stylish… Watch this space to find out where to buy:

So what are you waiting for….?