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Pets and Caravans

Tips for caravanning with pets

Tips for caravanning with pets

One of the joys of caravanning is that you can enjoy a ‘home from home’ while away on your travels. For a lot of people this means taking a much-loved dog with them. Here’s a few tips about caravanning with pets.

Is the site dog-friendly?

An obvious first step when planning your trip is to research which caravan sites are dog friendly. Some ask visitors not to bring pets, others specifically market themselves as dog-friendly. A search of the internet will reveal numerous websites detailing locations where your pooch will get a warm welcome. Some sites will have an extra charge for pets while at others they can stay free of charge.

Before you go?

Depending on how prepared you want to be before hitting the road with your pet in tow there are numerous things you can do for your dog pre-travel. These include making sure your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that you have given it preventative flea and tick treatment. You would also be wise to ensure your dog is fitted with an ID tag containing their name and your contact details, and you might even want to consider microchipping your dog if you are worried you might be separated.

What to pack?

As with all aspects of caravanning, deciding what to pack will be a compromise between what you want to take, what you need to take and your desire to travel as lightly as possible. Essentials will include enough food for the duration of your trip, a lead, bedding, water bowl and doggy bags for cleaning up after them. Other items you might want to consider could be up-to-date records from your vet and a first aid kit for your pet.

Familiarise your dog to caravanning

If you are concerned your dog might not immediately adapt to the change of scene a caravan trip will bring then you could break them in slowly by taking them on a number of day-trips with the caravan. On your first big trip away don’t dive headfirst into a full day’s agenda of new activities but ease in slowly, so your pet has time to adjust. Above all, ensure your dog is healthy and fit and able to cope with the more rigorous outdoor pursuits a caravan trip usually entails.

Be considerate

Common sense and courtesy applies when taking dogs to stay on caravan sites. You are sharing the space with other people who have come away to enjoy themselves as well. Not all of them may appreciate dogs but with some consideration on both sides everyone should have a good time.

Key advice:

  • Keep your dog on a lead

    Clean up after them

    Make sure that your dog doesn’t scare local wildlife

    Do not leave your dog outside if it is going to bark all night

A Selection Of Dog Friendly Caravan Sites

King's Lynn Caravan and Camping Park, Norfolk - Located on the edge of King's Lynn and is open all year round.

Crows Nest Caravan Park, Yorkshire - A caravan site in North Yorkshire just south of Scarborough, pets are allowed in their 2-bed caravans.

Cobleland Campsite, The Trossachs - A picturesque site on the banks of the River Forth in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.