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Caravan Insurance

Things to consider when organising insurance for your caravan ?

Things to consider when organising insurance for your caravan

Insurance for caravans is not compulsory but it is advisable. There are a host of considerations you must take into account when organising cover for your caravan. Here’s a list of some of the main factors.

Don’t assume your car insurance also covers your caravan.

Typically car insurance policies do not offer comprehensive cover for a caravan as well. They may cover third party liability – that is any damage sustained to a third party caused by you when towing your caravan. But they are unlikely to include cover for any damage to your caravan or theft or damage to items kept in the caravan.


Different insurers will have different stipulations about the level of security they expect you to have on your caravan, so it is important to check these requirements. Steps to secure your caravan could include fixing a wheel clamp or a hitch lock on the tow bar, or installing an alarm or tracker in the caravan. Failure to comply with security requirements could result in any claim not being paid but installing security devices could also lower your insurance costs.

Contents and belongings

Your caravan insurance should include some cover for contents and belongings. If you are planning on taking some expensive gear or hi-tech kit, such as a top of the range camera or a laptop, check that the cover you have is sufficient for the value of the items.

If you need to claim

In the event that your caravan gets damaged in an accident or is broken into would you know what to do? Make sure you have the details of the number you need to call while away should anything happen. You will also need to get copies of any police reports. Taking pictures of damage will also help when putting in your claim.

Continental travel

If you are planning on taking your caravan abroad you should check to see if you need any additional cover. Premiums may differ depending on how far afield you intend to travel. You should also arrange travel insurance for any foreign journeys while a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives you the right to healthcare in many European countries so it’s a good idea to get one.

Insurance excess

The excess is an amount you agree to pay towards an insurance claim. Compulsory excess is the amount your insurance company requires you to pay and voluntary excess is an additional amount you might agree to pay above the compulsory excess. Typically, the higher the excess the lower the premium but it is wise to ensure the excess is set at an affordable level in the event of a claim.