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Buying A Caravan Tips

Things to consider when buying a caravan

Things to consider when buying a caravan

When buying a caravan, there are a host of factors to take in. At the top end it will probably be one of the biggest purchases you make, so you want to get it right. Here’s a list of some of the things to consider.

What do you want to do?

Sit down and decide what you would like to do with your new caravan? Are you planning a few short outings each year, a number of longer holidays combined with some weekends away or an extended sojourn across Europe? How far away you intend to travel and for how long will help you decide what level of comfort you need and the amount of storage space you are after.

Set a budget

Knowing how much you have available to spend will be one of the big deciding factors on the type of caravan you eventually choose. The price of caravans can range from £2,000 to £26,000 and anything in between.

What size?

Size is not everything but it is an important consideration. Even though there may only be two of you, you may want a bigger three or four berth caravan to give you the space you need or to take guests or grandchildren away from time to time. The size of caravan you decide on will also depend on the vehicle you have to tow it.

Consider a used caravan?

Many people buy second hand when it comes to caravans. Much of the advice here applies equally to used caravans as it does to new ones. However, with a used van it is more important than ever that you carry out thorough checks for damp and look at areas like windows and doors, and the chassis.

Do your research

Buying a caravan can involve a lot of research. There are a number of caravan and motor home shows where a lot of the latest models are displayed. Magazines like Practical Caravan also feature regular reviews of caravans which you might find useful.

Choose the right dealer

Going through a reputable dealer can help ensure you get the caravan you want. For example, dealers approved by the National Caravan Council – a leading trade body – have to show they are working to best practice and standards, and that they treat consumers fairly.

Budget for extras

Alongside the cost of buying the caravan, you might also want to budget for a number of accessories that you will want to purchase. The list here is endless - from an awning and barbecue to a water carrier and flat screen TV.