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Caravans or Camper Vans?

Ten reasons why caravans are better than camper vans

Here at Ryhno Movers we are avowed fans of the caravan but we are also aware that many people wanting to invest in a driveable home-from-home often consider campervans or motorhomes before purchase. Staying away from the cost debate that can depend on so many factor - such as the condition, size and age of the item – here’s 10 reasons why we think caravans are better than camper vans.

Hassle-free day trips

Once you have set up your caravan, there is no need to move it until you up sticks for the next phase of your journey. Instead you can use your tow vehicle for day trips, sightseeing excursions and to pop down the shops or out for a bite to eat. With a campervan everything has to be packed up every time you want to drive somewhere, however short the journey.

Getting fuel

Negotiating garages can be tricky and often impossible with a campervan because of height restrictions and tight turning spaces. The problem has been exacerbated by the trend towards supermarkets selling petrol, which means vehicles have to make it through tightly packed car parks as well. For caravanners, this is not an issue once the tow vehicle is unhitched.

Level up

On uneven pitches, caravans are easier to level up using a chock under one wheel, the winding handle and stanchion legs. With a campervan users may have to take time putting chocks under three wheels before they get anywhere near to level.

Stay connected

Being able to leave the caravan on the campsite while you go out in the car means you can stay connected to the electricity supply - the fridge can remain on and the battery stay on charge.

Less wear and tear

Because caravans are left in situ for long periods of time, they cover fewer miles than campervans and therefore pick up less wear and tear and tend to be less dirty.

Flexible options

There is more flexibility when holidaying with a caravan. If some members of your group want to go out in the car and others want to stay on site in the caravan or nearby – then all tastes can be accommodated. With a campervan it’s all or nothing – every member of the group has to be where the vehicle is.

Save you pitch

On a busy, open plan camping site, caravans have the advantage that they let other holidaymakers know that your pitch is taken even when you are out for the day. With a campervan owners have to leave a notice or table and chairs on their pitch or risk finding their spot has been nabbed when they return.

Barriers to entry

It’s now common to see height barriers on car parks. This is designed to prevent commercial vehicles campervans and caravans getting in but those simply out and about in their tow vehicle won’t find this a barrier to entry.

Awning glory

Caravan users are much more likely to use an awning than campervan owners, and so benefit from the huge amount of extra space the canopy affords. Awnings can double the storage space available and provide a handy place to leave tables and chairs, bikes, and muddy boots etc.

Store at home

Caravans are easier and cheaper to store back home in the UK than a campervan. This means there is less chance of the caravan deteriorating over time.