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Caravan Awning Security

Protecting Your Awning From The Stormy Weather

awning set up and attached to caravan

The Long Summer Days Are Almost Here!

Every summer we hope to be investing more in sun cream and BBQ utensils than waterproofs and indoor games, but part of the thrill of living and holidaying in the UK is the unpredictable weather.

When the sun is shining there is no greater gift to campers, but in the event of a storm - here are a few tips for preventing your caravan awning from taking off in the manner of Mary Poppins after a shift:

  • - The best way to protect your caravan awning from the weather is to pay careful attention to the forecast. If strong winds are predicted then it would be prudent to take down your awning for the duration of this weather.

Sometimes even the Met office cannot correctly predict the weather - so what chance have we? The best we can do is to secure our caravan enough so that it is prepared for every freak storm eventuality:

  • - Use large, quality awning pegs hammered well into the ground. Use every pegging point. A 45 degree angle can provide the best resistance.

    - Make sure that you have well-fitted storm straps.

    - Pitch the poles as tightly as you can.

    - Try to ensure that your caravan is stored in as sheltered an area as possible - away from winds that could hit it side on or objects that could be displaced by these strong gusts.

    - Avoid towing your van during high winds, especially on exposed roads and motorways as even in relatively average winds it can cause dangerous swaying and there is always the risk of it blowing over completely.

In the event of very strong winds you may want to find alternative accommodation and secure your van by:

  • - Weighing down the caravan with heavy objects placed in the centre can help to prevent it being blown over.

    - Tie your caravan to the ground with strong straps (storm straps) and heavy duty screw-in ground pegs. If you are doing this please ensure that between the van and the strap you create a protective barrier using foam and material - this will cushion your caravan from any damaging friction.

In addition to physically securing your van - you will need extra protection through insurance.

Storm damage is the most common claim - so if you have an awning make sure that this is also covered by your insurance. At Club Care Insurance, awnings are covered for the same hazards as the caravan - as long as they have not been left unattended for more than four days. It is always best to read through your insurance policy to check that it covers all that you need it to.

Watch Out Thieves Are About!

Security for what is inside the van and it's awning is also important. Below are a few tips to prevent thieves from obtaining it's contents:

  • - Make sure that your chosen campsites take security seriously. Do your research. It is easy to pass through the campsite without notice or explanation?

    - Do not store expensive items in your awning. Most awnings can simply be unzipped to gain access. You can anchor large outdoor items such as hotplates or gas barbecues by chaining them to your van or other fixing post.

    - Installing a small portable alarm will help to deter any intruders and alert you to their presence.

Now that you are prepared and protected you can relax and chase that British sunshine - enjoy!

What our clients are saying:

"At last we are home and wish to send you a very grateful thank you for getting us out of a difficult situation. Your selfless act is so appreciated and I am writing to tell the Caravan Club about your wonderful service. I do hope that you will receive some free advertising if they publish my letter. We cannot believe that you drove nearly 50 miles out of your way, on a Friday evening in rush hour traffic and did not even make a call out charge! We expected to pay a call-out fee at least.
Thank you once again and we wish all at Rhyno every success for the future.
Very best wishes"

Mr and Mrs Womack - 22 Sep 2015

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