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Caravanning Is Finally Cool

old cool caravan with multi-coloured balloons in a field

It wasn’t so long ago that (many of) the population scoffed at the idea of a caravan holiday. What did this mean to us? We pictured ourselves in uninspiring, cramped conditions – devoid of the mod cons that make our lives more comfortable - sheltering from the British rain. If we were missing the point then, a revolution in caravan design (at a time travelling abroad had just become more expensive) was about to fundamentally change our opinion of the caravanning holiday.

Showers and flushable toilets, a modern kitchen that may even include a dishwasher, a flat-screen tv and USB ports for internet usage; suddenly it was possible for us to have all these home comforts in our motorhome.

Caravans now also came in all shapes and sizes, some of these quite beautiful.

One of the world’s first female caravan designers, Cathy Chamberlain, founder of British company Barefoot Caravans is one such creator of simple, yet stunning designs. Inspired by an uncomfortable camping experience in a tent – but certain that she wasn’t ‘the type of person’ who went caravanning, (“I wouldn’t be seen dead in one!”) she decided to create a caravan that challenged this preconception.

Petite, curvy, retro chic design, these caravans are exquisite to look at. But they are also highly practical; lightweight and compact, this allows them to be towed by a small car and makes them perfect for those with limited parking space. The inside is as beautiful as the outside, containing everything you need for a comfortable stay. More importantly these caravans appeal to the new generation of caravanners – those who had previously shunned the standard ‘boxy’ version of the motorhome.

Caravans had become officially ‘cool’. The more popular these alternative caravans became, the more freedom it gave to the designer to stretch the limits of caravan design. The number of caravans being built in the UK rose by 14% last year. The number of trips taken by caravan have been increasing around 2% every year since 2015. There are currently around 550,000 touring caravans and about 205,000 motorhomes registered in the UK. With more varied styles being produced, the more likelihood of appealing to more potential caravanners.

The type of holiday that the caravan creates has also reached a wider appeal. The recent fall in the pound has made holidaying abroad too expensive for many, especially families, and consequently people are looking to holiday in the UK instead.

Why limit your exploration of this island? Travel by caravan and go wherever the mood takes you! After all, you have everything that you need in your compact home. Visit family without the imposition of taking over their spare room and increasing the wait for the bathroom. Visit friends who don’t have a spare room. Visit the sites that teach us about British history. Visit all the towns and beaches that people have raved about. At your own pace. On your own terms. The caravan gives you freedom. And the amount of people are aware of this is increasing.