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Caravan Maintenance Tips

Let's Get Your Caravan Up To Scratch - Maintenance Tips From Rhyno Caravan Movers

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When you keep your caravan in perfect condition, you can be sure it won't let you down. Caravan maintenance can be much easier than you think, and there's no better time to do it than in the cooler months of winter and spring. Here are some simple maintenance tips that will help you enjoy a trouble free caravanning year.

Winter Maintenance

If you're not going to using your caravan for a few months, don't just leave it to its own devices. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your caravan is ready to use whenever you need it. Ensure that water is drained down, thus preventing it freezing and expanding, and causing pipes to crack. Take the hand brake off, to prevent it seizing up during a period of inactivity. Remove the leisure battery, and ensure that it's fully charged before you come to use it again.

Airing Your Caravan

If possible, visit your caravan during the winter months, and open and shut the doors and windows. Encouraging fresh air to circulate will help prevent mould and damp growth. Leaving bowls of salt around the caravan will also help to absorb moisture when its not in use. Ensure that any hinges are still moving freely, and oil them if required.

Checking The Lights

It's essential that the road lights on your caravan are functioning correctly, both for your own safety and to keep the caravan road legal. Connect your caravan to the electric supply and check that all lights are working. Replace any defective bulbs, and any bulbs that seem to have condensation within the lens.

Tyre Inspection

Never underestimate how important the tyres of your caravan are. They should be checked regularly throughout the year, but especially before going on a long journey or after the caravan has been stood for a long while. Ensure that the tread meets the minimum depth, and that there are no splits, lumps or bulges. Check the tyre pressure using an accurate pressure gauge, and inflate them to the manufacturer's recommended level. This should be found within the owner's manual, or printed onto the tyre wall itself. If there is any sign of damage, change the tyre immediately.

Electrical Checks

You don't have to be an electrician to carry out a simple inspection. Check the voltage of your battery, it should read in excess of 12V. Switch all internal electrical appliances on and off, and look for signs of wear or fraying in cables. It's also important to check your smoke alarm. Hook up the gas supply, and check elements such as fridges, cookers and heating sources.

Tightening Nuts

If you use your caravan regularly, wear and tear can cause bolts and nuts to loosen over time. Check each nut, and tighten it with a torque wrench in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

Flush Out The Water System

Before embarking upon a great new caravanning year, flush out your water system with sterilised water. By following these quick and easy tips, you can be sure that your caravan will be in perfect condition whenever you need it.

Caravan maintenance doesn't have to be difficult, so why not save time and money and do it yourself.