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Enjoying Caravanning

How to make caravanning even more enjoyable

caravan on the open road

There are many reasons why we love caravanning – the joy of the open road, the ability to just be able to get up and go, the new places and people we meet. But resourceful caravan owners should always have a few ideas up their sleeve to ensure their holidays and getaways are as enjoyable as possible. Here’s a few ideas.

campfire on the beach

The joys of a campfire

Nothing beats a good campfire for making you feel relaxed. A lot more campsites are allowing fires now and selling firewood into the bargain. Failing that a small fire in your barbecue can create a nice setting for sitting around enjoying a drink, convivial conversation and trying to work out the star constellations. Toasting marshmallows is a must and if you have someone who can play a guitar even better.

scotnay castle

Know your location

A little bit of research before you head off on your break should help to enhance your time away no end. Every village, town or rural location has sites to see, interesting history and areas of natural beauty – you just need to know where they are. With the Internet at your disposal, this fact-finding mission should be straightforward.

croquet items in a box

Outdoor competition

There’s an array of outdoor games you can take with you to liven up a stay on a campsite. Classics like swing ball, big Jenga, croquet and petanque are timeless but how about trying something new? Viking Kubb is a great game that is increasingly popular on these shores while a quick search on the internet will unearth a host of unusual outdoor games – giant dominoes, anyone? For an extra bit of spice, why not hold a tournament throughout the holiday and invite others from the campsite to get involved?


Don’t be bored – get a board game

The British weather being what it is, you may find rain stops play from time to time. Make sure you have packed a few games for people to enjoy during these wet spells. From Pictionary to backgammon, there are some great board games out there - it’s a chance to get away from the technology and gadgets and have some good old-fashioned fun and banter. Why not use this time to learn something new? Maybe a card game you don’t know?

film slide pictures

Make a holiday movie

With camera phones and video recorders now readily available - why not turn your hand to making a short movie of your caravanning break? You can use Windows Movie Maker on your laptop or PC or iMovie on your Mac to pull together all your pics and video clips when you get back and also add some music if you like. The best travel vids are fun and inspirational and serve as a great reminder of your trip. Why not upload it onto YouTube and send the link to relatives and friends so they can see what you got up to.

old fashioned postcard

Make a scrapbook

If you aren’t comfortable with the technology – then draw on tradition and all get together to make a scrapbook of your trip. Postcards, tickets, photos, wrappers, jottings and drawings can all be collected during your holiday – and used to make a scrapbook that you will have for years to come. It’s a great way of engaging all the family in a fun project.