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Keep Your Caravan Safe

How to keep your caravan safe and secure

How to keep your caravan safe and secure

Aside from buying a property, purchasing a caravan is likely to be one of the largest expenses you pay out. It makes sense, then, to protect your investment. Most insurance firms will also want to see that you have put measures in place to improve the security of your caravan and there may be insurance discounts available for those who have taken steps to prevent thefts.

Here’s a guide to some steps that will help keep your caravan safe and secure:

Hitch locks

Hitch locks are the most common locks that caravanners use. As the name would suggest they go on the hitching mechanism and prevent thieves from being able to hook up your caravan onto their vehicle and drive it away.

Wheel locks

These locks attach to the wheel of a caravan to demobilise it and prevent it from being towed away. Not all wheel locks are suitable for caravans so it is wise to check that a lock is suitable for your use before purchasing. Al-Ko offer a range of different size locks for caravans.

Security posts

Security posts are used to block a driveway and physically stop thieves from accessing the caravan with a drive-away vehicle. Used in conjunction with hitch locks and wheel locks they can be a deterrent for all but the most professional or determined of thieves.

Window and door locks

To protect the contents of your caravan make sure you check that all the locks on your doors and windows are secure and replace any that aren’t. Over locks that reinforce standard locks can also be purchased to secure the front door, for example.

Tracking systems

A hi-tech approach to caravan security, tracking systems use electronic transmissions or GPS systems to let you know where your caravan is if it is stolen. Opinion is divided over whether you should publicise if a tracking device has been fitted – will publicising it put thieves off or inform them they must remove it once the theft has taken place? A standard fitting for some modern caravans, there are a number of different models – some that alert the police and some that don’t. These systems tend to be more expensive than most security measures, so some careful research is required.

Safe storage

If you keep your caravan on your own property then try and keep it out of sight - a measure that may stop opportunist thieves from targeting your property.

If you store your caravan at a location run by a third party, look for sites approved by the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSoa) which have to pass certain security criteria.