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The Caravan of the Future

Futuristic Caravans and Motorhomes

The Caravan Industry Is Always Evolving

In an age of the instant internet, powerful mobile phones, flying drones and of self-driving cars, let’s take a look at how the caravan industry is being innovated and changed with the on-set of more and more technological breakthroughs.

The Sealander Caravan

sealander source

Call me Bond, James Bond. This part-caravan, part-yacht is called the Sealander. A prime example of unique German engineering and with a sturdy real wood finishing makes this beauty a must buy for any caravan enthusiast looking for something different and to stand out from the crowd when they are on the road.

It can be ready to sail on the open waves at a steady speed of up to 9kms per hour and only weighs just under 400kgs. Ideal if you want to get away from the crowds and all that is stopping you is a lake. It can accommodate up to 4 people and a with a nice picnic makes a fantastic day out or a family trip to remember.

When Land Is Expensive, Tiny Houses Can Be the Answer

tiny house caravan source

A literal tiny house, with full kitchen and bathroom. You can set it up or move into one in minutes and they are built right here in the UK. With the current housing crises, this can make a very affordable option for a first time buyer. Tiny Houses UK are the innovative company behind these delightful we abodes; micro homes that are kind to environment.

Great New and Old Caravan Designs with a Twist

folding caravan source

Need some space away from your partner, just open the wall and there you are. This might be an old design, but it is still utterly incredible to see and a trendsetter. The exposed side can be opened to give a front terrace, who needs a front door when you have this!

expandable caravan source

Big things come in small packages so they say. With the press of a button you triple your living space, extending out with a bed, kitchen and toilet. I’m pretty sure it’s magic, but you can buy one of these lovely made tiny caravans right now.

part smart car part caravan source

For any city dwellers, this part smart car-part caravan is like a dream come true and something from the future with us today. The design may be just a concept for now but this could eventually be a regular sight on our roads and in our campsites.

caravan of the future source

This is the Caravisio by KNAUS. A masterpiece of engineering and what a beauty of a caravan. This caravan is built for the future, and also has some of the finest luxuries in-built, including: a projector, glass rear terrace doors, and most importantly for some, a sleek majestic look. The modern under light exterior is a sight to behold and something to show off, and we won’t even mention the great interior which is luxury camping at its best!

The Future is Bright for these Old Campers

electric campervan source

This little camper might look like something out of the 70s but it’s been converted into an electric masterpiece, which in this day and age is the way to go. This example of a by gone age still in use is available to hire today, so you might see us beeping about in one when you are on the road.

self driving vw campervan source

This self-driving Volkswagen is seen as a revival of the classic camper range, with swivel seating and a retractable driving wheel! Obviously self-driving, with a maximum speed of 99 mph, this is one reinvented classic you have to take out for a spin!

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