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Questions About Caravan Movers

Frequently asked questions

We hope the answers to some of these frequently asked questions are useful. You can also download and print our handy caravan mover user guide, which also includes troubleshooting, battery charging advice and warranty details. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 02476 387080 or email us.

Will the Rhynomover fit my caravan?

The Rhynomover is designed in such a way that it will fit 98% of all British-style caravans and most of the European styles too. If you're in any doubt please give us a call, we'd be happy to help. For more information on our fitting service please click here.

Will you have to modify my caravan in any way to make it fit?

No, in all cases the Rhynomover is fitted to your existing chassis using a clamping system, in rare cases we have an auxiliary fixing kit which can be used to allow us to fit "non" standard caravans and camping trailers.

How much will the ground clearance be affected?

Because of the way the Rhyno product is designed, you will lose no more than 35mm in ground clearance (around 1¼").

What type of battery do I need?

An 85amp/hr leisure battery is the recommended minimum requirement, however a 110amp/hr leisure lead acid type battery is the best option. In either case the battery must be in good condition and fully charged to give the best performance.

How much extra weight does the Rhynomover add to my caravan?

Overall, it will add just 29kg, making the Rhyno caravan mover one of the lightest on the market.

Does the Rhynomover come with a warranty?

Yes! The Rhyno caravan mover comes with a full 5-year warranty.

How long does it take to fit?

Allow 2 hours, although many fits are completed in less time. For more information on our fitting service please click here.

Can I move my Rhyno mover from my existing caravan to another?

Yes you can, although there will be a small fee to transfer over any remaining warranty.

How fast does it move?

The Rhyno mover will move any caravan at just less than walking speed, keeping you in perfect control (besides, what's the rush?)

Will the Mover cope with a steep incline?

Depending on the incline itself and the combined weight and loading of the caravan the Rhyno mover will tackle most inclines with relative ease.

Where is the Rhyno mover made?

We are proud to manufacture and supply the ONLY totally BRITISH made caravan mover on the market today. All the components used in the manufacture of Rhyno mover are sourced in the UK supporting British jobs and British business.

Does it have a soft start?

Yes, it has a soft start feature for gentle, crockery-saving control.

What after-sales service is provided?

Spare parts such as replacement rollers and remote control can be purchased from us, plus we’re always on hand to offer help and advice - please contact us on 02476 387080 or email

Does it need much looking after?

Not really! Apart from a bit of minor care and cleaning (click to find out more) it’s largely a case of fit-and-forget.

How easy is it to use?

Very straightforward - engage the rollers onto the caravan tyres, release the handbrake, and simply manoeuvre your caravan via the remote control! Please go to our user guide page for more information.

Do you have instructions on how to use the mover?

Our user guide page can help you and we do have a PDF on Operating, Cleaning and Troubleshooting that you can download.

What type of movers are available?

We have 2 types for sale, one for the single axle and the other for the twin axle caravan. Click here to view them both.

Do have a page on what other customers have said about your services?

Yes we do, some kind clients have written paragraphs about what they think of the service we have provided. You can read them on our Testimonial Page here.