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Caravans Customised Design

Customising your Caravan to Reflect Your Needs

minature model of caravan on a campsite

Would you want the appearance of your caravan to reflect who you are?

Caravan design is becoming increasingly important, due to the growing number of caravanners from all walks of life – and the need for their caravan to represent them.

Would you rather the appearance of your caravan reflected you? That it stood out in the caravan park? Was an extension of your own glorious home to take on endless outdoor adventures?

Here are our top tips for acquiring a personal haven on wheels:

Step One: Make sure that everything is clean and in working order and carry out repairs accordingly.

Step Two: How outlandish can you afford to be?

Possibly the main reason that a lot of people do not put too much of their personality into decorating or creating a wildly individual design for their caravan – is the potential damage that it could do to the resale value. So, this is the first thing that you should bear in mind before commencing your 'makeover'.

Low Risk Makeover (these can be easily changed back):

  • 1. Give it a name. ie. 'No Address', 'Nevergoinghome' etc

    2. Buy a personalised cover for your spare tyre.

    3. Invest in a personalised number plate.

    4. Change the soft furnishings. You can go 'all out' on this without damaging the resale value.

Mid Risk Makeover (DIY additions or modifications can improve the value – but also carry a risk):

  • 1. Paint or paper the walls. Remember that neutral décor always works best when selling a house, caravans are no different. The buyer may have opposing ideas as to what is stylish. Avoid heavily patterned wallpaper – as this will make the space appear smaller.

    2. Be clever with your use of space/storage. Add shelves and spaces to the existing design.

    3. Go green: put solar panels on the roof and a generator for electricity and heating. Change lights to LED.

    4. Invest in aerials for TV, telephone and Wi-Fi. Entertainment on those inclement days is vital.

    5. Replace curtains with blinds for a more contemporary look.

    6. Change the flooring. Laminate is often the most practical. Adding rugs can be where you lay your personality.

High Risk Makeover (any modifications that are difficult to reverse):

The 85% Rule: that the weight of the loaded caravan be no more than 85% of the car’s kerb weight.

  • 1. Paint or replace cupboard doors. Always consider the weight if replacing any part of the furniture.

    2. New furniture. This will need to be fixed, to stop it moving around when transporting the caravan. It is always prudent to make sure that a professional is called upon to make fundamental changes to the built-in furniture. And it is essential to consider the weight of these additions.

    3. Changing the design of the exterior. While researching this, I came across a Watermelon Caravan: - wonderful! But perhaps not to everyone’s taste…

If reselling in not an issue and you simply want to indulge in creating your perfect, personalised, dream caravan then unleash your creative side!

Caravan Inspiration

A beautiful source of inspiration for your design can be found here:

My Cool Caravan, by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon is a stunning coffee table book, highlighting exactly just how individual you can make your portable home.

Help with finding your dream vintage caravan?

Vintage Caravan Workshop:

Budget no object?

Tiny Green Cabins (America): Custom built tiny portable houses.

Timeless Travel Trailers (America) : Portable luxury homes:

Mehrzeller (Austria): Contemporary designed, customisable, multicellular mobile homes:

Be inventive with your caravan’s use – could it be a business?

Sol Cinema: a converted 1965 berth, is now a portable cinema for 8 people. And it is powered by the sun!