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Caravan Accessories

Comfort accessories for your caravan

caravan with outdoor furniture

We all love a bit of luxury and one of the benefits of having a caravan is that you can take a few comfort items away with you on your travels. Here are a few ideas for your next trip…or even a present for this Christmas.


The Aquaroll is the original water carrier on wheels. This portable water carrier rolls across terrains of all types and makes transporting fresh water to your caravan much easier when away. The design has been around for over 50 years and although it has been improved on over that time, this classic item is as good as it was over half a century ago.

Satellite TV

An increasing number of caravanners use a satellite dish whilst on holiday so they can watch crystal clear television as if they were at home. Setting up a satellite television system for your caravan is not as complicated as you may think and means you can relax and view BBC Freesat or Sky TV when away either in the UK or even across Europe.

Outdoor furniture

A prerequisite of a nice relaxing holiday is having comfortable outdoor furniture to unwind in. There are a whole host of different luxury reclining deckchairs available to buy on the internet. For a bit of fun you could even invest in an inflatable sofa.


What’s nicer than some outdoor cooking while away? To indulge your culinary interests al fresco you will need a good portable barbecue and there are a wide range to choose from. From smokeless barbecues to barbecues that contain a moat which can be filled with water or wine and seasoning there is one out there for every taste.


Awnings can give you some added comfort while on holiday. They can significantly expand the size of your living space or acts a cover to keep bikes, boots and other items out of the rain. And there are different types to suit all budgets and requirements.