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Caravan GPS Tracking System

A Tracker May Help With A Rapid Recovery If Stolen

caravan with thief running away after being in the spotlight

More and more these days people are taking to the road in their caravans and exploring the countryside, it is a great and cheap way to travel knowing that you have your accommodation already arranged and the only decision is where to go next. With this said a new caravan can set you back many thousands of pounds and sometimes into the tens of thousands of pounds, so it is important that your caravan is secure not only by fitting a lock on the wheels and doors, but also by adding in a hi-tech GPS tracking system to let you and the authorities know where it is if the worse comes to the worst and it gets stolen.

Advertise or Not!

One of the decisions that is debatable is do you publicise that you have a tracking system fitted to tell the thief to "JOG ON". Though by letting the thief know will either put them off or inform them that they must remove it before driving it away! A standard fitting for some modern caravans, there are a number of different models – some that alert the police and some don’t. These systems tend to be more expensive than most security measures, so some careful research is required. The general rule should be the same for when you buy a bicycle lock; the more expensive the bike is, the more expensive the lock you should buy to protect it and so this would go for a caravan too i.e. if the caravan is worth £25,000 and therefore very attractive for would be thieves then a top of the range GPS tracking device should be high on the shopping list.

Insurance Companies Love a Tracker!

In 2015 almost over 2000 caravans were stolen in the UK and they are becoming an easy target for the criminals and that is where extra security comes into play. Also if you fit one your insurance company may gave you a discount on your policy for doing so and in the long run could pay for itself. There are statistics that come to the conclusion that fitting a tracking device can be the best way to beat the caravan thieves and mean a quick recovery before any damage is done!

Thief Tracker

Recently the BBC TV show Thief Tracker ran a episode about a caravan being stolen with a tracker fitted. The owner was the Landlord of pub in the Bristol area and he received an early morning call from Phantom Tracking Systems stating that the alarm had been triggered. The Landlord saw the theft in progress as it was parked on his licensed premises and he in turn gave chase in his car with the police not far behind.

Bring in the Stinger!

The whole incident was over when the police left a stinger on the road to stops the thieves who were not going to give up easily. The tyres of the offending car and caravan were blown, but the Landlord was happy just to get his £17,500 Swift Challenger caravan back in one piece, well almost; the tyres would need replaced. Phantom did state that they do not advise anyone to give chase in these circumstances and said this was an unusual incident. The owner of the caravan was so glad he bought a tracker and would recommend it to anyone.

The tracker makes a good investment as it would give you piece of mind to go anywhere with your caravan without worrying about the security issue and just leave you to enjoy the pleasure of the open road.