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A Stay in the UK Holiday in your Caravan is on the UP!

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UK Holidays What Else Could You Want!

The pandemic has brought endless difficulties. When people are losing their lives and livelihoods, it seems churlish to worry about where we are going to holiday.

But never has looking after our mental health been so important and our ability to ‘get away’ from it all – so vital. This could be spending time in your local park, the countryside or your very own garden. Being close to nature simply enhances our well-being.

For those lucky enough to afford some normality and continue to plan some trips away – going abroad is risky, in some cases unadvisable and for certain areas not permitted.

For those of you who always knew how perfect the UK was for your holiday, you were about to have some company.

Since the introduction of affordable travel, many of us have taken our wanderlust abroad and left our own island a little neglected. But now we were going to get reacquainted.

In June, as lockdown restrictions began to lift, we saw reports of a surge in the purchasing of caravans and motorhomes. As we are being continually warned that the virus ‘will be around for a while’ – this appears to have been a good investment.

So, what has been happening?

- Caravanning is being promoted as the ultimate ‘safecation’ – enjoying the outdoors while safely inside your ‘protective bubble.’

- Dealerships have introduced online viewing, so that buyers can have a virtual tour of their potential purchase - thus limiting any unnecessary contact.

- Campervan conversion company Wellhouse Leisure reported a new sales record after selling 7 campervans in one day - their best in 18 years of business.

- In July, Welsh dealer Ennis Caravans said that they only had 20 unsold caravans in the depot – whereas they would normally have had around 100.

- After expecting a downturn in business, Coachman Caravans were the first UK caravan manufacturer to reopen and return to production on June 4th – they are busy with orders until the end of the year and beyond.

- A National Caravan Council survey found that 93% of those surveyed intended to holiday in the UK after the initial lockdown, compared to 84% who had planned a staycation beforehand.

- UK Caravan registrations in July were up 20% from the same time last year.

For those who had their holidays abroad cancelled in March – a trip closer to home became the alternative. Now it is October and not a lot seems to have changed. Travelling abroad remains more difficult: the threat of having to quarantine on your return perhaps being the most off-putting downside.

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The caravanning industry appears to be flourishing and long may it continue. We expect plenty of converts to the caravanning life – freedom, being part of the great outdoors and all from the comfort of your portable home.

At the moment, this all comes with the ability to socially distance and enjoy life at a less limited level. Outdoors has become the safer option.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that trip! Buy that caravan!

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