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Caravan News

Some Great Caravan Stories

A Survival Guide Part 2

a man and a dog hiking up a country lane

Obviously most outdoor adventures pass without issue or incident. But the safest thing to do is to prepare for any eventuality.

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A Survival Guide To The Great Outdoors

walkers walking up a hill

We have all spent the past year making the most of - the little outdoor entertainment available to us – by getting excited about our daily walk.

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happy man with his caravan

Ever since the UK went into full national lockdown on 4th January we have been waiting for some positive news to indicate a light at the end of this long tunnel.

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Caravan Summer Holiday Inspiration

red squirrel on a branch

Staycation has recently become shorthand for a safer way to take a break during the pandemic - by holidaying locally in the UK - rather than taking a risky trip abroad.

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Get Your Caravan Motorhome Back On The Road

blue volkswagen campervan on the road near the sea

Hope for a return to normality has begun – in the form of a vaccine – and we are allowing ourselves to make plans for 2021.

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2021-22 OVERSEAS TOURS: The Caravan and Motorhome Club

ariel view of a car and caravan on the coast

Despite most of us in the UK having just been put under stricter lockdown rules, news of the vaccine has given us hope for 2021.

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The Staycation is on the UP!

friends having fun outside their caravan

The pandemic has brought endless difficulties. When people are losing their lives and livelihoods, it seems churlish to worry about where we are going to holiday.

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Spending The Christmas Holidays In Your Caravan

winter scene in the woods and a car in the background

Could this be the year that you finally decide to take your caravan on a winter break?

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Tips for Purchasing a Caravan

happy couple dancing outside their caravan

Owning a caravan can be a great way to go on holiday, but before you buy one you may need to do some research!

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Most of the Camping and Caravan Club UK Sites Have Reopened

happy couple in their caravan

It has been a long wait (all sites have been closed since 22nd March) but finally we can have a holiday to look forward to that is generally unaffected by travel bans and the fear of getting stranded.

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Campsites to Reopen in England on the 4th of July

people having fun at a campsite by the sea

Since the threat of COVID-19 put the world in lockdown, life as we know it has stalled. Many of us have been furloughed, the rest of the working population (excluding key workers) have been working from home and many must have thought when is this going to start to go back to normal.

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Caravans & Motorhomes On TV And In The Movies

bags of popcorn

The motorhome/caravan is a useful tool in film making.

It allows for the intimacy that comes with close proximity – this is often comedic, as characters clash over each other’s ‘little habits.’

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MOTOR MOVERS: The Ultimate Remote Control

car towing a caravan on the highway

Caravanners – if you haven’t already got one - you need the motor mover. Ok, but what exactly is a motor mover?

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Scottish Campsites & Caravan Parks To Close

Caravan site park aerial view illuminated by summer sun on a Scottish coastal ocean sea island in the highlands

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crises has meant that the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon made the announcment that campsites, caravan and holiday parks in the country are off limits for new visitors.

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Trips Your Caravan Wants to Take in 2020

scottish highlands in the sun

Deciding on where to go in your caravan can be a daunting task if you have a limited amount of time, we have a few ideas of where would be good to go in the UK in 2020.

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Best of the Best

caravans in a camping ground near a lake

The outandaboutlive website have recently just come up with a list of the best caravans on the market for 2020, to help you choose your best option to suit your needs.

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Christmas Markets

edinburgh christmas market

The festive period is upon us and we may be looking through our closet for last year’s colourful jumper and our warmest coats for those long cold nights and head out to browse the nearest Christmas market and their charming stalls selling a varied range of Christmas themed products.

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The Benefits of Caravanning Part 2

dog on a beach

We continue with our article about what are the benefits about owning and travelling the country in your caravan, because there are so many this form of leisure is becoming more and more popular each year.

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Caravanning in Europe After Brexit

british and european union flag

While Brexit is currently a byword for confusion, uncertainty and frustration – we should expect to prepare for change. If you are hoping to plan a European caravanning holiday for autumn/winter 2019 and beyond, you’ll need to do additional research to ensure that you have everything in place.

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The Benefits of Caravanning

caravan by a lake in the wilderness

In some people's minds the idea of caravanning is not for them and is seen as an out of date and of a by gone era. Also, not luxurious and without the comforts that are wanted and needed from a hotel holiday.

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Top Five Cars for Towing a Caravan

car towing a caravan

You need a new car. You will, of course, require it to meet your everyday needs; to accommodate your family (with all the items that follow them around), be suitable for the school run or lengthy drives across the country for work (or both) and if you are the proud owner of a caravan – it will need to be capable of towing your vehicle.

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Summer Holidays in your Caravan

caravanners enjoying the summer holidays

The summer holidays are coming, and many families are thinking of where they want to go and what would be good for the children. With the uncertainty of Brexit, many families are thinking about staying at home and what better way to enjoy this great country by hooking up the caravan.

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CarFest - A Fun-Filled Festival for all the Family

edinburgh fringe street performers on the royal mile

This annual event Carfest is coming back again this summer and is popular with caravanners and members of The Caravan and Motorhome Club who were able to book tickets before they went on general release in May.

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Caravanning at the Edinburgh Festival

edinburgh fringe street performers on the royal mile

The Edinburgh Festival of the Fringe as it is often called started off small in the late 1940s and has grown ever since to become the world`s largest art festival. What a great time to visit this historic city!

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Caravan Holidays in Britian

glencoe in the scottish highlands

Summer is coming and if you have not booked a holiday abroad why not think about a staycation and go out on the road with your caravan in the UK. The home country rather than going abroad can be a great way to spend your holiday time and visit some of the local attractions.

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Buying At A Caravan Show

inside a modern caravan

So, you’re considering buying a caravan? This may have been something that you have been mulling over for a while, or perhaps you have recently discovered the joys of a caravanning holiday?

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Wifi Internet in a Caravan

woman's hand holding a wifi symbol

For many getting away from the humdrum of normal life is a must every so often and what better way than to hook up the Caravan to a car and head off on the highway, but that doesn't mean you have to be without access to the internet when on the road.

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Caravan Apps

holding mobile phone with app icons

When embarking on a caravanning holiday it is wise to work out what are the best apps available to make your holiday easier and more enjoyable. There a multitude of apps available on the market nowadays which can help by either telling which camp site is caravan friendly, areas that are great to walk in and if necessary, survival tips if you find yourself in the back and beyond.

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caravan camping out in the autumn season

With the summer fading away, you may be starting to think about safely ‘tucking up’ your caravan until spring – but you will want to reconsider when you discover the joys of caravanning in the autumn.

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Airstream Caravans: The American Dream

american airstream caravan

With a history of more than 85 years - of first-class travel accommodation and an unmistakeable design.

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Taking Your Caravan Abroad

campsite at night abroad

The summer holidays are approaching (hurrah!) and you fancy venturing further afield.

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Rise of the Cool Caravan!

old cool caravan with multi-coloured balloons in a field

It wasn’t so long ago that many people would make fun at the idea of a caravan holiday. We pictured ourselves in uninspiring, cramped conditions – devoid of the mod cons that make our lives more comfortable, until now!

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Take Your Caravan Out With The Top Down!

classic convertible car in the trees

The interminable April showers have eased and we all yearn to be outside again. My eye keeps wandering to the golden glow at the window. And I didn’t even need a coat this morning! Time to enjoy the freedom of dry sunny days - the open road, taking your home on a trip, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair…

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Clamplify; AirBnB For Caravans

inside a retro caravan

Camplify is the caravanning equivalent of home rental site AirBnB. It began in Australia in 2015, in an attempt to solve the problem of the rarely used motorhome. Camplify estimates that most caravans in the UK are standing empty for 330 days a year. At around £18,500 to buy, £800 annually to maintain and £350 annually to insure; this ‘budget-friendly’ holiday home is starting to sound expensive – especially if we only use it for 5 weeks of the year.

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Caravan Holiday in Winter

caravan in deep snow

After all the festive excitement has died down, the desire to ‘get away from it all’ and return to a simpler life is widely felt. If you’re tired of being repeatedly knee-deep in wrapping paper, over-indulging in rich food and endless boozy parties (who would have thought it was possible to tire of such things?) then it is likely that you have considered a winter break.

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Caravan at Christmas

reindeer and christmas sleds

If we are lucky enough to have lots of family and friends, juggling visits at Christmas often requires some expert timetabling. If your loved ones are spread around the country, why not make your multiple journeys more comfortable by travelling with your motorhome?

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Winter Touring Tips

caravans under feet of snow

Summer had been over long before we even noticed. Pumpkins and Halloween costumes have been in the shops for weeks and now people have tentatively turned their attention towards Christmas.

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Top 5 Gadgets For Caravanners

rhyno caravan motor mover

As every caravanner knows, the joy of the caravan is that it is just you, your motorhome and the open road. But this freedom can only be improved and maintained with the addition of certain gadgets. Here are our top 5….

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Solar Power For Your Caravan

caravan with outdoor furniture

The chances are, that if you own a caravan you are very fond of the great outdoors. What if you could go a step further and do your bit to help save your friend The Planet?

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Caravanning For The Younger Generation

young family on a caravan holiday reading a map

Statistics from the Camping and Caravan Club put the average age of its members at 55 years old. But people shouldn’t be fooled into believing that this is because it is an old and stuffy way to holiday.

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Futuristic Caravans and Motorhomes

2 metallic caravans side by side in the sun

In an age of the instant internet, powerful mobile phones, flying drones and of self-driving cars, let’s take a look at how the caravan industry is being innovated and changed with the on-set of more and more technological breakthroughs.

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Your First Caravan

caravan heading off into the sunset

You’ve decided to go for it and buy your first caravan. Congratulations! Ahead of you are endless travelling adventure. You’re excited; but where do you start?

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Caravanning in the Springtime

caravan on a campsite at dusk

At this time of year, here in the UK – many of us are yearning for spring. We’ve endured the seemingly endless, dark, cold days of winter for too long. At first it seemed appealing; wrapping up warm in your new winter coat, cosy nights in by the fire and the approaching festive season – but now we need a change.

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Customising Your Caravan

minature model of caravan on a campsite

Caravan design is becoming increasingly important, due to the growing number of caravanners from all walks of life – and the need for their caravan to represent them.

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