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Some Great Caravan Stories

Caravan Holiday in Winter

caravan in deep snow

After all the festive excitement has died down, the desire to ‘get away from it all’ and return to a simpler life is widely felt. If you’re tired of being repeatedly knee-deep in wrapping paper, over-indulging in rich food and endless boozy parties (who would have thought it was possible to tire of such things?) then it is likely that you have considered a winter break.

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Caravan at Christmas

reindeer and christmas sleds

If we are lucky enough to have lots of family and friends, juggling visits at Christmas often requires some expert timetabling. If your loved ones are spread around the country, why not make your multiple journeys more comfortable by travelling with your motorhome?

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Winter Touring Tips

caravans under feet of snow

Summer had been over long before we even noticed. Pumpkins and Halloween costumes have been in the shops for weeks and now people have tentatively turned their attention towards Christmas.

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Top 5 Gadgets For Caravanners

rhyno caravan motor mover

As every caravanner knows, the joy of the caravan is that it is just you, your motorhome and the open road. But this freedom can only be improved and maintained with the addition of certain gadgets. Here are our top 5….

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Solar Power For Your Caravan

caravan with outdoor furniture

The chances are, that if you own a caravan you are very fond of the great outdoors. What if you could go a step further and do your bit to help save your friend The Planet?

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Caravanning For The Younger Generation

young family on a caravan holiday reading a map

Statistics from the Camping and Caravan Club put the average age of its members at 55 years old. But people shouldn’t be fooled into believing that this is because it is an old and stuffy way to holiday.

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Futuristic Caravans and Motorhomes

2 metallic caravans side by side in the sun

In an age of the instant internet, powerful mobile phones, flying drones and of self-driving cars, let’s take a look at how the caravan industry is being innovated and changed with the on-set of more and more technological breakthroughs.

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Your First Caravan

caravan heading off into the sunset

You’ve decided to go for it and buy your first caravan. Congratulations! Ahead of you are endless travelling adventure. You’re excited; but where do you start?

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Caravanning in the Springtime

caravan on a campsite at dusk

At this time of year, here in the UK – many of us are yearning for spring. We’ve endured the seemingly endless, dark, cold days of winter for too long. At first it seemed appealing; wrapping up warm in your new winter coat, cosy nights in by the fire and the approaching festive season – but now we need a change.

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Customising Your Caravan

minature model of caravan on a campsite

Caravan design is becoming increasingly important, due to the growing number of caravanners from all walks of life – and the need for their caravan to represent them.

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Buying A Second Hand Caravan Part 2

old car and caravan out in the desert

A continuation on from last month`s news item about the aspects to consider when buying a second hand caravan. This month we talk about how to find out if it is stolen or not and if the caravan you are wanting to buy is still watertight.

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Buying A Second Hand Caravan Part 1

second hand caravan park outside a warehouse

When buying a caravan first consider that it means investing a fair amount of money in a vehicle that you will need room to house. Once you have cleared these relatively small obstacles – the open road is yours; new places await and holidays will now come with a large helping of fresh air and stunning scenery.

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A Tracker May Help With A Rapid Recovery If Stolen

thief under a spotlight running away from a caravan

Purchasing a hi-tech GPS tracking system will let you and the authorities know where you caravan is if the worse comes to the worst and it gets stolen.

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Choose The Right Caravan For Your Car

caravan being towed by a car in the mountains

Picking the right caravan for yourself is not just about it`s functionality, gadgets, comfort or size. It is important to consider the car that is going to tow it around the country and even abroad.

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Beach Holidays With Your Caravan In Tow

caravan on the beach with a surf board

With the sun out and the temperature rising, it is now no better a time to hook up the caravan and head off to the coast. Living in a caravan is a great way to enjoy the summer sun by the beach.

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Bring your caravan when visiting the Edinburgh Festival

edinburgh castle and the tattoo

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival gets underway again in August and what a great time to hook up the caravan and head off to enjoy some comedy.

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Protecting Your Awning from the Stormy Weather

awning set up and attached to caravan

Every summer we hope to be investing more in sun cream and BBQ utensils than waterproofs and indoor games, but part of the thrill of living and holidaying in the UK is the unpredictable weather.

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National Camping and Caravanning Week 2016

campsite in france - camping-parc de la vanoise-savoie

National Camping and Caravanning Week was set up in the year 2001 by the The Camping and Caravanning Club to celebrate the club turning 100. Also to encourage more people to camp and use caravans and to highlight the fact that the club now had a record number of people camping and caravanning which in 2003 was just over 90,000. Since then the club has blossomed to figure nearing half a million. This rise was down to many factors including the World Tent Pitching Championships and an on-going media campaign.

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Caravanning in France For The 2016 Euros

caravan football 2016

The Euros are nearly upon us in France and it all kicks off on June 10th 2016 with France playing Romania at the Stade de France, Saint-Denis. France has an array of great campsites scattered throughout the country and make an interesting choice of accommodation if you have tickets for any of the home nation`s games.

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3 Great Caravan Sites To Consider Visiting In The Holidays!

american style caravan in a caravan park

Spring is nearly here and the weather hopefully is for changing and this is the time that a lot of people who love to caravan are thinking about where to go in the summer. Below are some suggestions for caravan sites that are worth a visit, though it is wise to book early especially for those popular spots near large populations.

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Comfort accessories for your caravan

caravan with outdoor furniture

We all love a bit of luxury and one of the benefits of having a caravan is that you can take a few comfort items away with you on your travels. Here are a few ideas for your next trip…or even a present for this Christmas.

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Tips for towing a caravan in winter

2 caravans stuck in the snow

Not everyone packs their caravan away for the winter. Some hearty souls keep caravanning all the year the round. But towing a caravan during the winter months does present challenges. Here’s some advice on staying safe while on your travels.

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Researching to find the right caravan for you

If you are not used to the world of caravanning, knowing what caravan is the best for you and your needs can be daunting. Then there are all the other pieces of information you require, such as finding the best insurance, knowing your legal obligations and researching what accessories you might need.

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Safety accessories for your caravan

Keeping safe while towing and staying in a caravan is paramount. There are also some legal obligations that you should know about when it comes to caravan safety. Here’s a short guide to things you should consider.

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Things to consider when buying a caravan

When buying a caravan, there are a host of factors to take in. At the top end it will probably be one of the biggest purchases you make, so you want to get it right. Here’s a list of some of the things to consider.

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Choosing an awning for your caravan

An awning is a tent-like structure that attaches to the outside of your caravan. They are very popular among caravaners because they can be used to significantly increase living space while away, provide cover for open air dining and relaxing, or simply offer a sheltered place to store bikes and muddy boots after a day out and about.

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