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Caravan battery charging advice…

Successful operation of your caravan motor mover relies on your caravan battery being in good condition and fully charged. Even brand new batteries sold as “fully charged” rarely have more than 60% capacity, which may be insufficient for moving your caravan on inclines or rough ground. It is therefore very important that your battery is charged thoroughly on a regular basis.

Caravan battery chargers

Your caravan battery charger is likely to be a maintenance type charger and therefore not a “deep charge” unit. We recommend that you charge your new or used battery with a minimum of an 8 Amp car type charger for at least 24 to 36 hours or until the charge cycle is complete. The may be needed every four to six weeks.

Batteries showing 12 volts are likely to be at 50-60% charge, which is ample for normal services such as lighting, water pumps, etc. An indicated 13.4 volts relates to a charge of around 70-90%.

Lead acid vs. gel type batteries?

The discharge capability of a gel type battery is different to that of a traditional lead acid battery as they do not “recover” as well after a short, high amp discharge (such as when you used a caravan mover). For this reason we only recommend a lead acid 110 Amp/hr leisure type battery.

Aux lead

Included in the Rhyno kit is a black lead with 2 jack plugs, which is an emergency lead for the handset should you encounter radio interference. Simply plug one end into your handset and the other to the left of the red light on the control board. The lead is 3 meters long, sufficient to be able to feed it through a caravan window and use the mover safely.

These details can be found on our handy caravan mover user guide, which also includes troubleshooting advice and warranty details.

In the unlikely event of a problem with your Rhyno Caravan Motor Mover, or for support and advice you can call us direct on 02476 387080 or email