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The Benefits of Caravanning


caravan by a lake in the wilderness

In some people's minds the idea of caravanning is not for them and is seen as an out of date and of a by gone era. Also, not luxurious and without the comforts that are wanted and needed from a hotel holiday. Nowadays they could not be more wrong and here are some of the advantages and joys to be had by heading out in your car and your mobile home for one of the best holidays you will ever experience.

Home From Home – living in a caravan is like living in a small version of your home because you can have all the mod cons installed that you would want in your home and you can give it your own personal touch and in your taste. For more space and extra room to relax in, you can add an awning to the caravan, it is great to be outside but have some shade from the sun.

awning set up and attached to caravan

The World Is Your Oyster – the obvious advantage of being out in a caravan is the freedom you will experience, as you can easily move from one place to another e.g. if one park or site is not to your liking, then you can just hitch up the caravan and head of on the highway to the next caravan site and experience some new places of interest. Staying in a hotel would be a bit more of a dramatic and costly move to do that. In the UK there a multitude of caravan sites to help you explore places of interest and historic sites or you could just relax by the beach. If the idea of a UK holiday is not your cup of tea, then hop on the ferry or head through the Euro Tunnel and you are on the continent in no time. The internet can be a great and informative place to find out the best places to go and spend some time when travelling through Europe in your caravan.

Save Some Money – The initial cost of caravan especially for a new one can be a little steep, but a 2nd hand one can be snapped out for a lot less and be great value for money. Once all that is taken care of you will no longer have any need to book costly hotels or flights and caravan sites are reasonably priced to stay over in and most have a great deal of facilities to use and enjoy. The cost per person for a caravan site compared to a hotel is so much less and therefore great for a lovely and memorable holiday for all the family.

american style caravan in a caravan park

Bring Any Amount Of Luggage – This is great if you want to bring a variety of wardrobes for every occasion, or if you can’t be without your gadgets (see caravan gadgets), then bring them along as there is plenty of room inside and if you are the outdoor type and love cycling then attach them to the back and when you arrive at your destination take to the dirt track for an exciting and inspiring cycle through the countryside and an extra bonus is that it will help keep you fit.

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