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Reasons For Caravan Holiday


car towing a caravan

We continue with our article about what are the benefits about owning and travelling the country in your caravan, because there are so many this form of leisure is becoming more and more popular each year, what with Brexit on the horizon and the pound falling against the Euro it may continue to rise even more, with people deciding to holiday in the UK.

The old stereotypes of the dreary caravan holidays of the 70s and 80s are gone and now extreme sports seekers and young families are becoming one of the main demographics to be seen as being Caravaners. So, following on from our earlier feature on this subject, we continue with more why you should own a caravan.

Meeting Old and New Friends

When you arrive at a caravan or campsite and pitch up you instantly become part of the community of like minded individuals who are eager to get to know their neighbours, but of course if you want to be on your own you will have that wish respected too. The feeling of stepping out of your door and being straight into nature and the fresh air cannot be under estimated for relaxation and peace of mind.

Many caravan sites can swimming pools, tennis courts, bar and restaurant areas which help you meet new friends and integrate into the community. Communal washrooms are a great place for a chat and to hear some tips about the best places to go to and all the facilities and events the campsite has to offer, which could include the odd disco, karaoke night, bingo or live band. Social interaction on a caravan holiday is general seen as much easier than staying in a hotel and not as intrusive as a visit to a hostel, but you can find some solitude if need be, so all and all you may go on caravan holiday and come back with a new set of friends to meet up with year after year.

family playing near their caravans

Spending Quality Family Time

A caravan holiday is a great way to get away from it all and the hustle and bustle of daily life, just simply to spend some quality time and relax with the family is sometimes all you need from a holiday. You bring your home and many of your personal belongings with you, so helping reinforce that home from home feeling and concentrate on just have fun with the family. New experiences for all are just a drive away e.g. the mountains, lakes, beaches, small historic towns or just relaxing in the sun outside the caravan just chatting about anything of interest, is a great way to strengthen family bonds.

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Your Pets Can Come Too

It can be difficult to find a Hotel or hostel that are pet friendly and your most trusted four-legged friend may have to stay at home or in a kennel (an added expense) and can also be distressing for your pet. As you can imagine there are many caravan sites in the UK that will be more than happy to welcome your pet and they can be a lovely companion on your trip if you are with the family and especially if you are travelling alone. There are also many products on the market to help your pet have an easier and more comfortable time while on the road. Though if you are planning to go abroad with your pet, it goes without saying that you may need to check the documentation needed for the animal abroad and that can vary from country to country.

couple enjoying the sun outside their caravan

Going on a caravanning holiday can a wonderful experience and great choice of holiday and above is just a few of the benefits of taking one and having a truly enjoyable time!