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Caravanning in the Autumn


caravan camping out in the autumn season

With the summer fading away, you may be starting to think about safely ‘tucking up’ your caravan until spring – but you will want to reconsider when you discover the joys of caravanning in the autumn.


1. The Colours: What an unusually lengthy, warm summer we have enjoyed here in the UK – but be honest - are you tiring of green? (actually… sometimes the lawn was brown and parched) Enter autumn, with its burnt umber, variations of cadmium and stunning golds - never has dappled light looked so beautiful.

2. Crisp Walks: A bright, dry, sunny autumn day is perfect for walking – the air feels pure and not at all muggy. Your lungs will be pleased, and perhaps you’ll walk for miles! There is also the opportunity to kick leaves… If you have a dog, they will absolutely love it.

3. Quieter Campsites: With fewer people around, camping ‘out of season’ is a lot more tranquil – perfect for those of you who enjoy peace and quiet. Worth it for the shorter queues alone.

4. A Greater Choice of Activities: Because fewer people visit campsites during autumn and winter, incentives are offered in the shape of extra activities. Look out for pumpkin picking/carving around Halloween and if you fancy some detective work - Geocaching is a must!

5. Bird Watching: If you have always wondered what birds ‘flying south for winter’ looks like as a spectacle – position yourself in the autumn countryside and wait for the show.

6. Star Gazing: As the days get shorter you are given a greater opportunity to see the stars. The facilities at the Camping and Caravanning Club’s sites in the Brecon Beacons, Exmoor, Snowdonia and the South Downs National Park will not disappoint.

7. Spend Less: Prices are much lower during the autumn and winter, leaving you extra money to spend elsewhere. Indulge yourself with treats or take a second trip!

8. Getting Cosy: Autumn gives you the chance to practice for winter. Test your new warm coat while you may still be able to go without it. Get cosy without the risk of freezing! Find a seat by the fire in the local pub, cuddle up in the caravan and light the camp fire to keep warm – you’ll be ready for winter in no time.

9. The View: Everything is given a make-over when framed against an autumnal backdrop. Visit castles, national parks, waterfalls, lakes and for autumn-overload - forests! The sky is more striking in the autumn – expect captivating cloud displays and eerie mist! The earlier sunset will make it difficult to miss. Make sure you take some photos.

10. Fewer Creepy Crawlies: With the weather cooling, the number of insects and bugs will drop sharply as they head to warmer climes- meaning you are more likely to have the caravan to yourself and less likely to suffer itchy bites. Eat outdoors with fewer intrusions!

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