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Caravan Apps


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When embarking on a caravanning holiday it is wise to work out what are the best apps available to make your holiday easier and more enjoyable. There a multitude of apps available on the market nowadays which can help by either telling which camp site is caravan friendly, areas that are great to walk in and if necessary, survival tips if you find yourself in the back and beyond.


1. Campr - Helps find the best campsite in a interactive way. This user-friendly information includes reviews, videos, 360-degree panoramic pictures and general photos of the area. Therefore, you will be given an accurate picture of what to expect when you arrive at the campsite. Though this app at the moment for UK is limited to Cumbria and the lakes, Devon and Cornwall, South East of England, East Anglia, Peak District and North West and finally but not least South Wales.

Review: camp chap - 23/06/2017
Lots of potential

“Wow what a great little app. It's really informative and gives you a real feel for the campsites they've reviewed and as more campsites are added, then it can only get better. Keep up the good work guys!”

Download the app for free on iOS

2. SiteSeeker - Developed for the Camping and Caravanning Club and reveals to the user campsites nearby, but also gives them the option to search for them too. Detailed information about the site is shown once selected and this will reveal for example the site’s address, facilities on-site, pricing, and the how to book a spot. If you are a member of the club then you will also see up to 1500 certified sites. A must if you are touring round the country without a plan and need to know where a great campsite is nearby!


  • Search for sites by location, distance and on-site facilities

    Comprehensive information available about the site with pictures, facilities, prices and how to book

    A great interactive map to help you find the best site for you in the UK

    Can be used on and offline when on the move, useful when the internet signal may not be available or is too weak

    Includes all Club, Forest and Certificated Sites*.

* Club members need to use their membership number to unlock this feature and see the certified sites.

Download the app for free on iOS and Android

3. Sun Seeker - The complete solar tracking and compass app, useful for when the direction of sun is important and the potential use for this great app is vast.

It can tell you when the best time is to plan for a trip to the beach, what site is best to get the morning sun and for budding photographers will show you even about the shadows and how they will fall at different times of the day in the area.

The compass used, comes in 2 formats, one being flat view and the other augmented reality view with the solar path, sun’s position every hour and of course sunrise and sunset to name but a few features.

Useful for: Campers and Picnickers, Photographers, Cinematographers, Real Estate Buyers, Drivers, Gardeners, Architects and Surveyors, etc.

This app is not free and does come at a price, depending on what platform you are using:
Download: iOS £9.99 Android £5.75

If you like the sound of these, then why not download an app or 2 today!