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american airstream caravan

With a history of more than 85 years - of first-class travel accommodation and an unmistakeable design; that takes you to the great outdoors and to the movies – the Airstream is a caravan like no other.

Did you know that the Airstream is available to buy in the UK?

The 6 exclusive dealerships are: Knowepark in Scotland, Salop Leisure in Shropshire, Catterick Caravans in the North East, Lowdhams in Nottingham, White Arches near Northampton and Highbridge in the South West.


The Airstream company was founded by Wally Byam in the late 1920’s in California. It’s distinctive style - of polished and rounded aluminium - was based on designs by Hawley Bowlus. Bowlus was involved in the construction of Charles Lindberg’s Spirit of St Louis, the first solo transatlantic flight between North America and Europe in 1927.

In the 1920’s America became the wealthiest country in the world, industry was booming and by 1928 - 20% of all Americans owned a car.

The Airstream epitomised the hopeful and modern design of this era; and it was the sole survivor (of 400 travel trailer builders) of the Great Depression that followed in the 1930s.

american airstream caravan  stuck in the snow


1. Stylish: Because of its timeless design, the Airstream is always in fashion; it appeals to lovers of retro and ‘modern’ industrial design. The aerodynamic ‘silver bullet’ shape is stunning and will definitely ‘stand out’ in the caravan park. Expect lots of attention!

2. And a Stylish Interior: Each caravan has a beautifully modern interior; the craftsmanship is exquisite and there are a variety of styles available.

3. Long-lasting: There are Airstreams built in the 1930s that are still on the road today. More than 65% of all Airstreams that have ever been built, still exist.

4. The Quality of the Craftsmanship: Each Airstream takes up to 400 hours to build, by hand. The average caravan takes no more than 30 hours. Airstreams do not come cheap – but you are paying for quality.

5. Fitted with All Mod-Cons: Modern Airstreams come with central heating, LED lighting, a Bluetooth sound-system, a large fridge-freezer and comfortable double-mattress. Outside you can expect an exterior shower, a gas BBQ point and a roll-out awning.

6. High Resale Value: Because of the long life and durability of the Airstream – its resale value is always high. You are unlikely to ever regret this investment. If you don’t plan to pass it onto your children, then you shouldn’t have any problem selling it.

7. They Come in Many Sizes: If you are picturing a huge silver caravan that will never fit in your driveway, think again. Airstreams come in many sizes: Basecamp is a petite version, sleeping up to 2 people and the Nest is a small, fibreglass design perfect for a weekend getaway.

8. You’ll be in Good Company:

  • Airstream created a mobile ‘quarantine unit’ for the first humans to walk on the moon – astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins stayed here until they were declared free of ‘moon germs’.

    Airstreams are fitted underneath Air Force cargo planes to provide comfort for high-level US officials.

    Celebrities live in them! Matthew McConaughey lived in an Airstream for several years in Malibu and other owners include Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt.