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Rhyno Caravan Motor Movers

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  • engineer fixing a caravan mover 100% british designed and built
  • remote control for the unit simple to use and effective
  • underneath a caravan showing the mover being put in place - 5 year warranty
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A caravan motor mover removes the hassle from caravan manoeuvring and any associated strained backs are a thing of the past.

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rhyno motor mover parts

Rhyno Caravan Movers are designed to fit most types of single or twin axle caravans weighing up to 2,200kg. Tough, compact and beautifully engineered.

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rhyno motor mover parts

To order your new caravan mover simply deal with us direct, please call us now on 02476 387080 or email

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Offering the Single Axel Caravan Mover fitted free at the factory for £595
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Rhyno Caravan Movers Ltd is a specialist in the design and manufacture of caravan motor movers to fit most types of single or twin axle caravans weighing up to 2,200kg.

We like to keep things simple because we believe that the most important thing about a caravan mover is that it works when you need it to.  Ours is the ONLY 100% British sourced and manufactured caravan motor mover available, and we place a firm emphasis on high quality engineering to create a rugged, easy-to-use product that will provide you with many years of reliable service.

We offer a free fitting service too, and our products are backed up by a comprehensive 5-year warranty.  You can order your caravan mover, as well as spares and accessories, by simply call us now on 02476 387080 or email us.

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Latest Testimonial

"I would like to give your company a great big thank you for the service I have had from your expert Neil, he fitted my mover today and he was fantastic the job is perfect and he went above and beyond to complete my mover fitting. I had this mover on my old caravan and it did a great job so I wanted it on my new one, I was told by the company that sold me my new caravan that your mover was not compatible with my van, but after a call to Neil he told me it was and that he could fit it which he has I can't praise him enough. THANK YOU TO NEIL.
I have already recommended your mover to others and I we now do it more. If you would like to contact me and tell me how I can place a review on your site please do."

Many thanks Mr G Chell a very happy customer. - 03 Apr 2016

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